• UI specifications

last modified January 24, 2007 by missmoun

Attempting to create a set of specification for the UI

Follow these recommendations when ever possible

1. Font Styles

Rolando working on this right now.

2. Page widths (tables, % ...)

Make it best for 1024 users.
Make it look good enough for 800 users.
What has the same size? What expands? What collapses?
Determine min width and max width.

The different types of pages are:
--excluding the wiki pages
1. portal or central pages (dashboard, home page etc..)

2. main forms and content creation pages
3. standard content pages

3. Forms

3.1 Fields

Name of field and field are on the same line
Top of the name is aligned to the top of the field

Single word fields should be 20 characters wide
Largest fields should be no more than 70 characters wide

3.2 Checkboxes & Radio Buttons

3.3 Submit button

4. Drop Down Menus

Do we need to make a widgets for this?
Describe the different situations if there are and what type should be used.
The obvious one vs. the Roll-over one.

5. Sorting and Filtering

6. Feedback

Use live feedback whenever possible (ie. print next to the field or right over it some information about what was done well or not.