• Usability Gripes, Bugs & Suggestions

last modified October 8, 2007 by sbenthall

Post your thoughts & notes on OpenCore usability here!


  • new page title chokes on &
  • need "quick formatting guide" for wiki stuff
  • bigger save button
  • gray text on edit form is too subtle -- hard to read
  • wysiwyg doesn't have strikethru -- helpful for keeping track of to-do lists
  • Hard to figure out how to delete a page.  Going to project contents isn't obvious.
  • Really hard to figure out how to delete a project.  Is it even possible?
  • Switching to wiki-edit is really slow.  Annoying to keep waiting.  Switch to Ajax live-edit?
  • Changing a project "navigation name" doesn't seem to work at all (once a project already exists and has stuff in it)
  • Help needs to be more apparent, with a really good "how do I..." section
  • Not sure whether this is an OpenPlans or a user issue, but when navigating the OpenCore project--especially while editing--I find it clumsy trying to get back where I started.  Hitting "back" endlessly through slow-to-load edit pages is a pain.  What I think I want instead is a link back to the site which clearly is the parent of the page I'm on in the unofficial tree hierarchy.  Maybe to encourage this sort of thing there should be a default link back to the page that a new page was originally created from?  This only makes sense when page ancestory is meaningful, but it feels like it so often on the OpenCore pages that it might be nice.

            • can't make sub-lists
            • finding a project to link to is impossible -- how are they ordered?

  • too much explanation -- it shouldn't feel like a separate "app" -- should just be "tasks" and be integrated into the site seamlessly.  It shouldn't require such extensive instructions.
  • Starting a task list is too much of a commitment -- too many choices, fields, options, and instructions.  I just want to add a to-do!

  • User home: can't find the link to my profile easily.