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last modified June 23, 2008 by sonali


Wikis simplify what would otherwise be complex workflows by centralizing content and emphasizing collaboration. The results benefit the project and user alike. The following is an ideal scenario by which the user is introduced to and then becomes a believer in the wiki:

  1. Person starts a wiki page and understands that its tool for collaboration.
  2. Person invites others to sign up for the tool and notifies them when changes are being made.
  3. Person receives notifications when others work on the page.
  4. Person is easily able to edit, change and improve the content on the page.
  5. Person is comfortable enough to come back and start using this tool repeatedly.



Attracting and Retaining the user

When a user comes to the Open Plans wiki we want to deliver an

Easy Tool

Adding Pages
Adding Images
Adding Links

Tool for Collaboration

Show People Involved