• WSGI explorations

last modified April 20, 2009 by ejucovy

To run OpenCore in a WSGI-compliant repoze.zope2 setup, follow these instructions: http://www.openplans.org/projects/opencore/lists/opencore-dev/archive/2009/04/1239982167468/forum_view

There are all sorts of things we could do unobtrusively in a WSGI pipeline.  This wiki page will collect those possibilities and exploration/implementation notes about them.

  • Static file serving without touching zope: paste#static? repoze.kiss?
  • repoze.squeeze -- "interesting but for some reason it makes me nervous. Maybe I just have a hard time accepting that it won't break everything :)"
  • repoze.catalog
  • repoze.profile
  • in-process Deliverance
  • in-process DVHoster, TaskTracker etc -- "suspect it would make debugging a lot easier once we got used to it."­
    • Dealing with WordPress in that scenario --­ "we can proxy in the app (probably with one of the proxies in paste.proxy), or we can try wphp/pywordpress, which uses PHP in its fastcgi mode and proxies to that, and also handles starting and terminating the PHP process.  It's a bit more encapsulated."
  • repoze.bitblt -- "since I'm tired of writing or maintaining yet another rewrite of "resize an uploaded image" for every web app I've ever touched.  Doesn't seem to do its own caching so presumably you'd throw Beaker or some other caching middleware in front."
  • beaker -- "we might more generally find uses for Beaker."
  • check out Zine: http://zine.pocoo.org/ -- "It's wordpress rewritten in python... (and runnable on a WSGI stack)"