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xinha improvements   2008 review on Xinha.

What do you want?  List it all here.  Tag it with your name so we can follow up.

Flexible CSS styling and class assignment - Ian

The ability to create new pages / Wicked links directly from the WYSIWYG (a.k.a. some degree of customization) - Rolando

The ability to edit html and not have it be foobar-ed - Jeff

Keyboard shortcuts would be a dream - Jeff

Most of these have minimal keyboard shortcuts.  Customizable keyboard shortcuts would be a true dream.  -ch

Ability to customize the toolbar options.  Like a button that says 'more' and opens a dialog to pick which buttons and toolbars you'd like on your default gui view.  OpenOffice has a drop down of 'visible buttons', and then a 'customize toolbar' dialog that has more extensive options. -ch

Create new pages/content from the toolbar.  Could just add wicked parens, or actually construct internal link thing.  -ch

Create other new things, like a mailing list, from the WYSIWYG (automatically linking to the new item) -- Ian (from Jackie)

Editing link body (what goes in <a>...</a>) from the link dialog.  Hitting the link button should work without any text selected, and you can then enter the link body in that dialog.  -- Ian

Make it not impossible to add text directly after a link, without having that text become part of the link body. -- Ian

Find/replace on the HTML edit screen. -- Ian

Selection in WYSIWYG mode gets carried over to HTML mode (TagEditor is a little like this -- you can edit a selection of HTML) -- Ian

Constrain fonts to serif/sans-serif/monospace (try to keep people from treating this like a word processor, and applying what should be site-wide styles on a per-page basis) -- Ian

    - Hrm.  When people are in the 'collaborative document' editing space it'd be nice if they could have access to the full range of fonts, because that's the area we want people treating it like a word processor.  We should also disable wiki linking there (or at least creation of new pages, and should not have the double parentheses creep in to their document). -ch