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last modified April 12, 2010 by ejucovy

How do I get one of ­these buttons­ on my wiki page?

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­You have to drop into editing the raw HTML code.  When you're on a wiki page:

1) Click "edit" to start editing the page
2) Click on the "toggle HTML source" button in the editor.  It's the button that looks like a piece of paper with "< >" on it.  It's on the far right of the first row of buttons, one button in:

HTML Source button

3) Then you can just paste in this HTML code where you want the button to be:

<a href="the-id-of-the-page-you-are-linking-to" class="oc-actionLink">the text of the button</a>

-- and you'll end up with one of those bold and colorful buttons.  (You could also just paste it at the top of your page and then click the "toggle HTML source" button again.  The button will now show up and you can cut and paste it to where you want, before you save the page.)


And by the way, if you want the colorful button but you don't want it to be a hyperlink, you can use "#" as the "href" value:

<a href="#" class="oc-actionLink">the text of the button</a>