• Export and Import

last modified November 22, 2012 by egj

Brainstorming about features related to content export/import.

  • Export of all project contents¬†
  • Import of contents into a new project
  • Relocating a project from one URL to another (without breaking existing links and bookmarks)
  • Relocating a mailing list from one email address to another (without breaking existing address books)
  • Merging two projects into one giving it a new name and combining the team members
  • Making regular backups of a single project
  • Making regular backups of all projects that I belong to (am a member of? am an admin of?)
  • Making regular backups of all content I've contributed, to any and all projects on CoActivate
  • Splitting a project into two projects, dividing up the existing content and teams
  • Cloning/copying an existing project to create a new project (e.g. starting the 2013 Chocolate Lovers' Conference project by cloning the 2012 Chocolate Lovers' Conference) (which aspects should and should not be cloned?)
  • "Anonymizing" some of the activity from an account: dividing up all activity/content/contributions from one account into two or more accounts, and rewriting history as necessary (note: there should probably be a separate page for collecting ideas about anonymity)
  • Migrating all content from CoActivate to another website running the same software
  • Migrating all content from another website running the same software to CoActivate
  • ¬†