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  Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Whose do I need to get permission from before I can help to improve CoActivate.org?

A: Nobody! Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions on the mailing list, add stuff to this wiki, and report any difficulties you are having to help_(at)_coactivate.org. If you are a Python programmer, and you'd like to help develop the software (OpenCore) which powers CoActivate, please get in contact with Ethan, our web wizard and lead developer.

Q: Can I invite people to join a CoActivate mailing list (eg a newsletter list for casual supporters) without going through all the palavar of setting up a CoActivate account, joining the project, and waiting to be approved by an admin? If so, how?

A: Yes. The user can send a blank email to ???

Q: What's a "Wiki", and how can I use it?

A: A Wiki is a quick and easy tool for building up documentation about your project, editable by every project member. Check out our wiki instructions .

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