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 openplans-users-group-discussion changed to coactivate-users-group-discussion  strypey   Related to export/import

 One-stop-shop page where I can process all admin tasks across all the projects I am admin on; email list memberships/ moderations, project team memberships, blog comments etc (maybe a widget on the user profile page, which is only visible when they are signed in?)  strypey https://www.coactivate.org/projects/openplans-users-group/lists/openplans-users-group-discussion/archive/2010/07/1278427394211/forum_view
 This is a really good idea -- not easy though.  Long term.

  events calendar for each user and project  strypey    

 Where groups are attempting to integrate their web presence using CoActivate.org, a way of linking pre-existing email lists, blogs etc to the project page in a way that integrates cleanly with the menu tabs for 'mailing lists', 'blog' etc  Strypey https://www.coactivate.org/projects/openplans-users-group/lists/openplans-users-group-discussion/archive/2010/06/1276143282024/forum_view

 An easy way to make a local backup of a CoActivate.org project Strypey
 https://www.coactivate.org/projects/openplans-users-group/lists/openplans-users-group-discussion/archive/2010/06/1276146144552/forum_view  Export/import
 An easy way to migrate a CoActivate.org project to another instance of OpenCore
 Strypey https://www.coactivate.org/projects/openplans-users-group/lists/openplans-users-group-discussion/archive/2010/06/1276146144552/forum_view
Related to export/import

 An option when editing wikipages to 'save and continue editing' as you can in the blogs
 a way to include microblog feeds (GNU Social, Mastodon and other apps in the OStatus "Fediverse", Identi.ca and other pump.io powered hosts,Twitter, FaceBook, G+ etc) in profile pages, project summaries etc  Strypey  https://www.coactivate.org/projects/openplans-users-group/lists/openplans-users-group-discussion/archive/2010/09/1283691236432/forum_view  

a way of changing the appearance of a project's pages, eg changing colours to match pre-existing group colours/ flag/ logo

A chat system based on XMPP, so we can chat to people on other XMPP-enabled servers, with federation switched on (or IRC integration, or a websockets chat system like Hylo and MetaMaps.cc)

More chocolate :) Strypey

One nav bar entry per wiki, with one default per project named "wiki"

Jeff Hammel https://www.coactivate.org/projects/openplans-users-group/lists/openplans-users-group-discussion/archive/2011/12/1323546138902 Navigation management

Breadcrumbs in new wiki pages linking back to the page that you were on when you created the new page Richard https://www.coactivate.org/projects/openplans-users-group/lists/openplans-users-group-discussion/archive/2012/10/1350954688970 Now implemented.  Needs user feedback -- could be configurable.  Navigation management.
Personal bookmarking/shortcuts with "favorite pages" in My CoActivate dropdown
Richard https://www.coactivate.org/projects/openplans-users-group/lists/openplans-users-group-discussion/archive/2012/10/1351049531543 Navigation management.

New wiki page templates Ethan https://www.coactivate.org/projects/openplans-users-group/lists/openplans-users-group-discussion/archive/2012/11/1353600294111/forum_view Navigation management

Green nav bar link management -- adding specific wiki pages to the nav bar Strypey https://www.coactivate.org/projects/openplans-users-group/lists/openplans-users-group-discussion/archive/2012/05/1336362453210 Navigation management

Similar Projects of Interest Paul https://www.coactivate.org/projects/openplans-users-group/lists/openplans-users-group-discussion/archive/2012/09/1347367652689 Project relationships

Project categories / tagging Richard https://www.coactivate.org/projects/openplans-users-group/lists/openplans-users-group-discussion/archive/2012/09/1347426788959 Project relationships

Enable a revision note on a wiki edit to be added after the revision is saved, by the same user who made the edit.

Make wiki revision notes editable by the user who did the edit.

Allow other project members (and/or other CoA members?) to add comments on wiki edits, eg I see the latest version of a page has no revision note, so I compare it with the last versions, and note the changes I see as a comment on the latest version.

If a user clicks 'save' or 'save and continue' on a wiki edit without entering a revision note, ask if they want to add one. If they answer 'yes', move cursor to revision note box, if 'no' carry on with saving. This behaviour could be turned on and off in 'Preferences', but I think it would help news users get into good habits.
Strypey 28/05/2017

Have Revision notes box expanded by default, only minimized when Manage attachments box is expanded
 Strypey 28/05/2017

Unified namespace across a whole project, so phrase+ creates a link to a wiki page called "phrase" even when its used on the blog, in tasks lists etc. Strypey 29/05/2017

Per project search, either separate from the site-wide search, or the search box offers both 'search this project' and 'search CoActivate' options

As well as a set of 'Pages' that are unique to their project, each public project could have one or more Federated wiki., maybe using some of the code from the Smallest Federated Wiki project created by Ward Cunningham.


Ability to create new Pages from the Contents page, without having to link them to an existing page first. Maybe on an Etherpad type thing, so group members could white board a document together, over a few days, then when they link to the page name from a wiki page, the text is displayed like a wiki page.
Strypey 06/06/2017

Blog templates. We could parse the existing range of projects for 3-5 categories and have a template for each. For example, I'd choose a mazgine/ newsy one, with the release date at the top with the title, and a photo byline with the author's name. Strypey

Ability to distribute (and even livestream) multimedia content using WebTorrent (an exciting new decentralized webcast technology combining WebRTC and BitTorrent)..
Strypey 06/06/2017

Push-to-record WebRTC video voicemail system. When I want to speak, I hold a button, which turns on my camera and mic. As I talk, the audio and video are saved into a compression file (Ogg with Theora and Opus?) When I let go of the button, the file is sent to a pre-confirmed recipient. They receive it and play it. If they want to they reply.

Can be used for live chat or audio-visual email. The experience of using it for a group chat would be like an email list. Comments come in one by one, you can see how big they are and who they're from, and decide what order to watch them in.