Hello Everyone,
I'm sorry for the delayed introduction (I've been under the weather).

My name is Jacqueline, though just about everyone calls me Jackie. I've lived in Brooklyn for almost seven years now, and so technically I've lived on Long Island, NY for all my life except for 4 years of school in California. I studied intellectual history in college, though I always tempered my philosophical leanings with a strong taste for logistics and getting things done, and I've tried my best to unify it all in the various work and projects I've been a part of.

I have a background in business management and non-profit administration, but my real love is technology. I get very excited about the ways that technology can function as a tool, as a medium, as an infrastructure, and as a center around which a community can spring up. In all of its functions, I see an opportunity for it to be the means of transmission of a force or effect as we strive to improve the world around us in our jobs, our governance, and our communities.

I spent just over four years working at The Open Planning Project, during which time amongst other projects and roles, I started the OpenPlans project with the goal of building an infrastructure of 'virtual tools for real world change.' Though I'm no longer at TOPP, I am still very committed to the objective that web tools and services should be easy to use and easy to set up, and allow people to focus on what they truly want to do--instead of spending time and energy worrying about their technology.

I can't wait to begin talking with you all about how OpenPlans is helping us get things done, how we can pass on the successful ways we've used it to new folks and projects just coming in, and where we think things could get better.

Best Wishes,

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 7:37 PM, Andrew Dakers <andrew.dakers@hounslow.gov.uk> wrote:
I am a councillor in Brentford, West London.  I am using Open Plans for two
projects I run - Brentford High Street Steering Group.... and the less active
Brentford Curriculum.  As the tools name implies I believe to rebuild trust in
democracy - and create a more participatory democracy - tools like Open Plans
are vital.

I love the ease of use (as I have v little time)...although an earlier version
had better text formatting functions......

My day job is looking after public affairs at Business in the Community the
UKs largest corporate responsibility organisation.  See www.bitc.org.uk

Best, Andrew

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