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  • Re: Feature Request - Similar Projects of Interest

    from pmboos on Sep 12, 2012 09:07 AM
    Categories would work....  Here are the plus and minuses IMHO.
    Project Words
    + uses what we have now (project names)
    + doesn't rely on human input
    - words can have many meanings (so even with synonyms it may be difficult to drive relationships)
    - you need stop words so common things like (for English) the, and, a , etc. Get ignored
    + synonyms 'reconciled' by creator as project is added
    + no need to filter stop words
    + very clear organization
    - may need to allow multiple categories (goes away w/tagging approach as it would be assumed)
    - relies on project originator
    - need to backfill current projects or they become orphaned
    Regardless of the approach, a project creator should be able to see similar projects on creation to avoid duplication, though they may have a valid reason to go ahead and create the duplicate (and thus not be prevented). At a future date, there may be a need to merge two projects into one giving it a new name and combining the team members.
    My biggest recommendation if anyone goes forward with this, select what is the less painful route and implement only what is necessary and gain feedback on that minimal viable product. Perhaps analyzing whether people even join other groups after it is enabled. If this were with project names, then I wouldn't implement synonyms unless the future was found to be used. If it were categories or tagging, I would go with the least architecturally painful approach.
    Glad I was able to contribute! While I don't do coding much any longer, perhaps I could help articulate the requirements in some manner for anyone that decides to run with it? However I can help...