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  • Making text blocks in CoActivate tool agnostic

    from strypey on Jul 14, 2015 05:09 PM
    Kia ora koutou
    Some ideas I just had on what could be possible with a few tweaks to CoActivate.
    My first thought:
    * Email-to-wiki: the text of all emails added to a mailing list archives could be simultaneously created as a wikipage, using the contents of the subject header of the email (stripped of punctuations, no caps) as the wikiword. Using the wikiword in any existing page would allow the user to click through to the wikipage, and click to edit it, including changing the name, as normal. 
    Then I thought why just the wiki?
    * Email-to-anything: a tag in the subject header (eg [blog], [blog-publish], [wiki]) tell the mailing list archiving system to also pipe the text of the email to the tool in the tag, so [blog] would create a blog draft, [blog-publish] would create a blog post, [wiki] would create a wikipage, [wiki-publish] could add the wikiword as a menu item on the root wikipage etc.
    Then I thought why not just when stuff is sent as email?
    * 'Contents' displays every item in the database, as normal, but however the item was created (blog post or draft, wikipage, task, email archived from a mailing list  etc) has a button for opening each item in each the tools (use it to start/ edit a blog post, start/ edit a wikipage, start/edit a task, post it to a mailing list, go to its archive location etc). 
    Are these features other users would find useful?