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  • FAQ, WIki Instructions, SandBox added to User's Group Wiki

    from strypey on Jul 25, 2015 10:16 AM
    Kia ora koutou
    I've just added a few new pages to our Users' Group wiki:
    FAQ: we can use to build up a list of questions to guide the creation
    of help pages. Maybe we could even create a CoActivate users manual on
    Wiki Instructions: I put these together for the Aotearoa Permaculture
    Network. They cover some of the trickier aspects of using the Wiki,
    such as using anchors.
    SandBox: As the name suggests, this is just a space for people who
    want to practice using the wiki to play around.
    Feel free to edit and improve these as appropriate :)
    Ma te wā
    Daniel Strypey Bruce
    Community Developer
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    - .ISOcrates
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    get a version of it through a dessicated question, and then will
    submerge it in a Niagra of similar opinions, and convert them into -
    what else? - another piece of news. Thus, we have here a great loop of
    impotence: The news elicits from you a variety of opinions about which
    you can do nothing except to offer them as more news, about which you
    can do nothing."
    - Neil Postman, 'Amusing Ourselves To Death'