I think we should reinstate these two:

  Instalar impresoras en canaima

Looks like both of them were started by people who are/were also involved in another project on CoActivate.  You said Instalar impresoras en canaima looked spammy -- were there any suspicious links or SEO-bait content on it?  To me it just looks like an empty project that never got used.  (Which is another common problem on the site, but I'd prefer to think of some other way to handle it besides calling it spam.)

Thanks for all your work on this!

Also, a meta-question -- maybe we should set up a dedicated mailing list (in the User's Group project) for threads like this?


On Sat, Apr 9, 2016 at 8:49 AM, Danyl Strype <disintermedia@openmailbox.org> wrote:
Kia ora anō

Pruned some more spammers.

On Apr 09, 2016 03:47 AM, Danyl Strype (admin) wrote:
> Kia ora koutou
> >From now on, I will be helping Ethan prune off any spam groups and users
> >that manage to set themselves up on CoActivate. If any other users are
> >willing to help with this job, please let us know.
> Today I deleted the following:

group 'Smart Shopping Center' and user 'alicesmith'
group and user 'SpaceCode'
group 'Service by a Director or Body Corporate' and user 'eserviceshelp123'
group 'UnitedSates' (user already deleted)

group 'HappinessForYou' and user 'stacy_wilson' - this was an interesting one,
the group was purportedly for an Indian not-for-profit. The user profile had a
photo of a young white girl and the 'about' message claimed she is from the US
but was obviously not written by a native English speaker. The group was set
up in 2013 but never used. The site linked in the user profile was selling
some kind of new age "happiness" course. Spam.

and hid the following:
Tobacco Free Generation
Instalar impresoras en canaima (looks spammy, but there are no external links,
and the user had added some info)
Bitcoin (the only thing in this group is one email in the mailing list archive
with lots of external links. Maybe I shouldn't had done this as both group
members are in another active free software project)

Hei kōnā

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