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  • New task list for critical user-facing bugs on CoA

    from strypey on Apr 29, 2017 01:50 PM
    Hi all
    I've just opened a new tasklist under the Tasks area of this Users Group project, for documenting the critical bugs affecting CoA users. Please add any bugs you notice. Also, feel free to add comments to the bugs already on the list, giving details of how they affect you, and indicating how seriously they affect your ability to get work done with CoA, which will help prioritize bug fixing efforts. This will help us improve CoA, and its also a chance to have a play with the Task tracker and get a sense of whether it might be useful in your own projects:
    As I mention in the description, these bugs are more likely to be fixed if we also file detailed bug reports on the official bug tracker for the software that underlies CoA. Where do we find that bug tracker Ethan?
    Warm regards