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    from strypey on Jan 17, 2019 08:23 AM
    Hi everyone
    As you may have noticed, from the news posts that I've put up on the front page, Ethan has been beavering away behind the scenes, making a number of performance improvements to CoActivate. Please do sing out when you notice things have gone wrong with the site, or there are things you 'd like to be improved. You can post a note in the user group, or email Ethan via help@.... The squeaky wheel gets oiled and all! ;)
    Ethan, I notice that the blog search function is still not working, which is a shame, because when it was working, it was *really* useful! From memory, it broke when you moved the blog engine part of the site to its own server (or container? or something?). Do you reckon you could have a look at that for us?
    Keep up the good work everyone!