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OpenCore is the current name of the software that runs CoActivate.org. Is it programmed in Python, using the Plone CMS, and the Zope toolkit. OpenCore is a bit of an unfortunate name. It's not very descriptive, and it's easily confused with OpenCores, a repository site for free code firmware. Worse, "open core" is a phrase sometimes applied to the business model where the core of a proprietary software package is licensed under a non-copyleft "open source" license, so that it's development can be subsidized by an unpaid community and the donations it attracts, while the business continues building its proprietary package on top of their work.

Ethan, the maintainer of CoActivate, and lead developer of OpenCore, agrees that it's time for a rename. Here's a brainstorm I started, to see if I can help come up with a new name.

Brainstorming New Name for OpenCore

OpenCore is a software, programmed in Python, which helps to store, express, and action the wisdom of crowds. It helps the crowd divide a set of intelligent clusters, centred around specific projects. It collects organised information, and people into collectives.

Possible approaches to name finding:

Key words for the mission of the software:

  • centre, core, campus, engine, home, projection
  • cluster, gather, unite, network, integrate, sustain, many
  • active, activate, co-operate, organise, change, shape, transform, plan, promote
  • wisdom, intelligence, information, wise, smart, eminent
  • organisation, project, community, collective, crowd, cooperative, group, swarm, cluster, agency
  • conference, meeting, hui, thing, gathering, convergence, intersection, confluence,  social
  • activist, change agent, advocate, 
  • pro, for, supporting, good, positive, sweet
  • onelove, rainbow, unity, oneness, kotahi, tao
  • groom, shave, shower, 
  • garden, prune, plant, nurture, care, harvest, 
  • python, snake, serpant, worm, wyrm, dragon
  • existent, resilient, implicit
  • effort, sweat
  • equity, equality 
  • forge, kiln, tool, implement, think-tank

Possible combos:

  • SocialPlanning (suggested by Ethan)
  • ProActivist (suggested by Thomas)
  • GroupCore
  • ClusterCore
  • GroupCentre
  • GroupWisdom
  • InfoCore
  • ProjectCore
  • ProjectWisdom
  • CrowdWise
  • GroupSmart
  • SmartGroup
  • WiseGroup
  • OpenThing ('Thing' in norse languages means a meeting - a parliament is a 'Thingstead')
  • ThingCore
  • ThingWare
  • ThingEngine
  • ThingCluster
  • ThingShaper
  • ThingHarvest
  • ThingGarden
  • ThingKiln
  • ThingKing
  • AnyThing
  • ManyThing
  • CrowdThing
  • WyrmThing
  • DragonThing
  • BookWorm
  • WormBook
  • RainbowSerpant
  • ClusterPlant
  • ProMote (a 'mote' is from Old English for a speck of dust, which is what small community groups are from the point of view of governments or corporations)
  • SweatEquity
  • SweetEquity
  • SweetEquality 
  • Implement
  • Implicit (taken, ImpLickIt?) 
  • Implicate
  • Implication (like an application but implicit?)
  • Extitute (like an Institute but less inward-looking)
  • TinkerTank
  • DoTank
  • ThingTank

Common Name?

Something that plays on the word roots of 'communicate', 'common' and 'community', and the common root words of commit and committee.

  • CommuniKate
  • CommuniCache
  • CommuniCajun (could be cultural appropriation)
  • CommuniTea
  • CommPlete
  • CommPlate (like template?)
  • CommPletion
  • CommPlication
  • CommPlacate (I like this one, a bit obscure though?)
  • Commissary
  • ComMission (contraction of Community Mission or Communication Mission)
  • CommBat (logo could be a bat ;)
  • CommGress
  • CommPear CommPare

Literary or Historial Reference:

Who gathered people and helped them to organise themselves? A facilitator or matchmaker?

  • Mark Twain,
  • Gandhi,
  • MLK,
  • Malcolm X,
  • Parihaka, 
  • Te Whiti o Rongomai (elder of Parihaka)
  • Tohu Kakahi (elder of Parihaka, Tohu also means sign or symbol in Te Reo Māori)
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Richard Stallman :-)
  • Lawrence Lessig

What fictional, mythical, or legendary figure or entity represents knowledge and community

  •  Puck (This has a nice double meaning of the faerie archetype - as included by Shakespeare in Midsummer Night's Dream - and the hockey puck, something people pass back and forth to achieve a team goal) 
  • Io (the primordial deity in Māori culture, also Input/Output)
  • Brahman (Hindu term, similar to Tao in Chinese philosophy)
  • Maui (trickster demi-god of Māori mythology, who brought the knowledge of fire to humanity)
  • Tane (protector of the forest, and father of humanity, who presented humans with the three baskets of knowledge in Māori mythology)


  • Pan (UseNet reader)
  • Isokrates/ Socrates 
  • Aristotle  
  • Rongo (Māori deity of piece and cultivation, taken by i-Rongo health software)
  • Tao (taken) 
  • Logos (taken)
  • Vishnu (taken)
  • Wu Wei (taken)
  • Neelix (taken)
  • Ogmios (taken)
  • Ogham (taken)
  • Athena (taken)
  • Ganesha (taken)
  • Loki (taken) 
  • Thor (taken)
  • Odin (taken)