• Relationships Among Projects

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User Stories

  • A project creator should be able to see similar projects on creation to avoid duplication, though they may have a valid reason to go ahead and create the duplicate (and thus not be prevented from doing so)
  • At a future date, there may be a need to merge two projects into one giving it a new name and combining the team members (see Export and Import as well)
  • As members of CoActivate, we should seek to avoid proliferation of under-used groups and the perception they can create that the site itself is not a good service
  • A project administrator should be able to tick a "Similar Groups" widget on and off (like the blog, wiki etc).  When "on", it would appear as one of the green buttons, or a promo panel in the UI that shows similar groups instead of GoogleAds
  • As a member of CoActivate, Paul would like to see "Projects Of Interest" that are similar to ones that he is already a member of.  These would show up when Paul visits the home page (but only if he is logged in) -- replacing the "Recently Updated Projects" widget.  (Though the Projects Of Interest may be ordered by recency of updates as well.)
  • As people come in with projects, particularly social agenda ones, they can see other similar projects.  This would allow not only cross-joining by people, but perhaps help those organizing cross-communicate and gain synergy in their work.
  • As a site administrator, Ethan should be able to analyze whether people even join other groups after "Similar Projects" features are enabled.
  • As an administrator of The Pro-Foobar Project, Richard should be able to ensure that The Anti-Foobar Project does not appear as a Similar Project of Interest.  (But where, and in what context?  Presumably Richard would want to make sure that visitors to The Pro-Foobar Project don't see a recommendation to view The Anti-Foobar Project when they're browsing Richard's wiki, or a recommendation to join The Anti-Foobar Project when they're requesting membership.  But perhaps Richard himself would like to see The Anti-Foobar Project when he visits the CoActivate homepage, so that he can keep tabs on the competition.  This probably depends a lot on Richard's own preferences and on the content of foobar itself.)


Similar Projects of Interest; Project categories / tagging

Pros / Cons

Project Words

+ uses what we have now (project names)

+ doesn't rely on human input

- words can have many meanings (so even with synonyms it may be difficult to drive relationships)

- you need stop words so common things like (for English) the, and, a , etc. Get ignored

- could potentially match a pro-foobar project with an anti-foobar project (though this is only a downside in some circumstances! see "user stories" below) 


+ synonyms 'reconciled' by creator as project is added

+ no need to filter stop words

+ very clear organization

- may need to allow multiple categories (goes away w/tagging approach as it would be assumed)

- relies on project originator

- need to backfill current projects or they become orphaned