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paab - Plone As A Blog - a project to build a collection of Products to use Plone as a Weblog. The main goal of the project is to provide a simple plone installer that includes a set of products that modify the plone default behavior to be more blogish and let the user start to blog.

Here there's information for integrators or developers who work on the project. If you want to know what are we doing right now, what's the next stuff we're going to working on and give us feedback. This is the place.

What are we doing RIGHT NOW

Deadline march 22th
Defining next release improvements



  • it reuses Plone at maximun and it adds minimum stuff
  • special blog display views for folder and news items
  • special content rules for keyword and folder blog management
  • buildout and policy products
  • collection as a default home page
  • summary view as a default collection view
  • and more: check roadmap 0.1 and roadmap 0.2 for further information


Release 0.1Release 0.2 - Future Releases