• PBS '08 - Paris Bobun Sprint 2008

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­From September 11th through September 14th, 2008, there will be a Plone Sprint in Paris (France).

This web space is used by the organizers of and participants in this sprint to help w/ the planning of the event and the reporting of what is being accomplished.

Attending ?

Please visit our participants page to add your name !

Important: please indicate on the participants page if you come the 4 days, just some days, or remote (irc).

T-shirts: we plan to print t-shirts. Only the people listed on this participants page will get one ;) Oh, and please indicate your size (S / M / L / XL / XXL), we'll try to order to right quantities.


Photo credit: Red Label

Sprint topics

Tagging and keywords management
Adding a pluggable keywords and tags system that allows you to really manage your categorisation.

Multimedia on Plone3 with Plumi

Take-over and polishing of a pluggable comment system o­n Plone3

Faceted navigation
Work on and discussion about the Collective Faceted Navigation product

Plone Tune Up Day
Friday 12th of Sept. : a great opportunity for all to work together and discuss development tricks with experienced Plonistas.

Major milestone for plone.net project

Plone.org and PSC
Continuing the tasks to migra­te Plone.org

Please edit the wiki page in case you'd like to work on a specific topic, and just cretae a page on this list.



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Our current sponsors are :

  • Pilot Systems (FR) the main organizer and hoster of this sprint
  • NPAI (FR) using Plone for a lot of vertical applications, based near Paris (Montreuil) Thanks Gilles !
  • FON (ES and FR) our good wireless friends, giving one­ fonera to each sprinter + FON t-shirts :) Thanks Jean-Bernard !
  • ATReal (FR ) one of the Plone specialist in France, based in Marseille
  • Toonux (FR) one of the Plone specialist in France, based in Paris



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