• Centre for Appropriate Technology

last modified October 26, 2012 by strypey

At APC11, architect and eco-building advocate Graeme North proposed a centre for people working on sustainable building and other appropriate technology which would facilitate communication and knowledge sharing, and the accumulation of tried and tested tools, techniques, and principles.

Some existing resources that could contribute to this effort:

  • Appropedia - a CreativeCommons-licensed wiki for appropriate technology and permaculture, "Appropedia is for collaborative solutions in sustainability, appropriate technology and poverty reduction."
  • Level.org.nz - a knowledge-base of info on eco-housing, "Level will help you design and build homes which have less impact on the environment and are healthier, more comfortable, and have lower running costs." Unfortunately this info is currently copyright by BRANZ, but since they get a significant portion of their funding from public sources, there is an argument for free licensing as per the NZGOAL framework.