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The Council (formerly PEX) is the governing body of Permaculture in NZ Incorporated, a charitable society. The information here about the Council will give permaculturists in Aotearoa some insight into how the Council works, and allow people who are considering serving as members of the Council a chance to find out more about what that involves.

Some thoughts about how the PINZ Council could use our CoActivate project.

1)  Meeting Minutes  from telehui and face-to-face hui could be put up on the blog (this will now be done on a closed project accessible by Council members, and the minutes will be made available to financial members via a member-only function on permaculture.org.nz)

2) A list of Issues and projects currently being worked on by Council could be made on this page, with a page for each (more info, latest news etc)

3) A 'backburner' list could also be made on this page, for issues and projects that are not being actively worked on

Active Projects 

Permaculture.org.nz Website Upgrade

Permaculture in NZ Website

Staged Website Plan for upgrades to permaculture.org.nz

PiNZ Website Completed Work

Website Vision Brainstorm  - older plans from 2011/ early 2012 (kept for reference)

Priorities 2015