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Exiting free code stacks

Proprietary or uncertain

It's unclear what software these sites use under the hood, or whether source code is available, but they are good examples of what could be done to improve people's access to local food in Aotearoa.

  • OOOBY.org -¬† started in Auckland, using Ning, and have since developed their own server platform
  • LocalDirt.com - a portal site connecting customers with local food producers, part funded by the US National Science Foundation
  • CSAware.com - designed for supporting CSA schemes
  • localfoodmarketplace.com - "Local Food Marketplace, was launched in 2009 by local food advocates and technology entrepreneurs, Doug Frazier and Amy McCann. The technology was originally written by Doug for¬†Eugene Local Foods, a food hub that Amy and Doug ran for 5 years before transitioning ownership to Willamette Farm and Food Coalition in 2013."