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August 2012


The forums on www.permaculture.org.nz as of July 2012 do not constitute a coherent and useful set of topic containers. Many have been added ad-hoc as a perceived need arose. Some are pertaining to events long-gone, and will never receive further input. Blog and comments may have been a better format in some of these cases. Here is a summary of what we have:


Existing forums
 Forum Group  Forum  Threads  Last Post
  Australasian Permaculture Convergence 11-15 April 2012 Turangi NZ
    General discussion related to the 11th APC  1  42 weeks
    Pre and post convergence travel and tours  0  n/a
  General Forums    

2011 Hui Discussion and Feedback
59 weeks

Permaculture in NZ Diploma
60 weeks

Design Questions and Answers

8 weeks (but

most threads 3 yrs old)

Miscellaneous Questions and Answers
3 weeks

Action Learning - Support Group
85 weeks

Website PiNZ members areas vs full public access
105 weeks
Past Permaculture Hui

Hui 2010 transport forum
2+ yrs
Hui 2009 Discussion Topics

  Nutrient Dense Food
3+ yrs

Offering Permaculture to schools and educational institutions
57 weeks

Permaculture Business Models and Ideas
26 weeks

Permaculture Promotion
67 weeks

Tangata Whenua or Kaitiakitanga and Permaculture
2+ years

New PiNZ Logo
2+ years

Membership vs Supporter
2+ years
 Regional Networks

 Auckland Regional Network
3 years

 Lower North Island Network - Permablitz  
2+ years

Lower North Island Network - Regional development
2+ years
 Website support team forum

Request For Change
87 weeks

Completed Request For Change
75 weeks

The LNI regional network has moved here to coactivate (where is isn't a lot more active).

 The lack of obvious places in which to add new topics, plus the multitude of dead topics both act as deterrants to participation.

 Ideas for forums

  •  "Ask a permie" - possibly a moderated forum not requiring authenticated membership (if spam isn't too much of a problem) - comments limited to PINZ members (if that is possible)
  • Newsletter feedback - the newsletter, being pdf, could contain a crafted link for each article. 
  • PINZ - not sure if that's the right name, but a place for members to talk about governance and management issues and feedback to us as Council during the year (eg logo, consitution, charitable status etc...
  • Hui - all matters relating to the organisation of the next hui - and comments regarding the previous Hui?
  • Tikanga - a place for discussing aspects of permaculture design, practice, and advocacy that are specific to kaupapa Māori
  • Bioregions - I don't think a topic for each region helps, as you say, a wiki is more useful for that, but a place for discussions about bioregional development/ activities.
  • Transition - obviously this invites people involved in Transition initiatives to contribute, but could also hold general discussions about the transition down the energy descent curve, and various social practices and technological innovations which permaculture offers to cushion the impacts.
  • Education - all matters related to PEG, PDCs, enviroschools, Open Educational Resources etc