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Notes from bioregional hui at South Karori - Sat 8 May, 2010

Projects Update

1.    Kaye-Maree – Mita Dunn and Kaye-M are the Bi-Cultural support officers for PINZ our role is to:
•    Help to build relationships – pathways of Permaculture with whanau, hapu and iwi
•    Help to build/integrate understanding and capability among the PINZ members.
•    Encourage and grow the membership base of PINZ http://www.permaculture.org.nz/docs/PiNZ-application-form.pdf  which is $25 - $100 per person.  

2.    In the initial planning phase of setting up an Affordable Organic Co-operative for the Newtown area
•    Link with OOOBY (Out of our own backyards online collective) see http://ooooby.ning.com/
•    Looking for interested peoples who wish to join or supply kai
•    Possibility of Swap meets/markets at 435 Adelaide Road
3.    Regional focus – How can we work toward practically supporting one another in the bio-region ie network Permablitzes
4.    Can we host hui in community ‘Red Zones’ – areas of high social/economic need?

1.    We can use the mailing list/PINZ site as a key communication platform see www.permaculture.org.nz


1.    In the process of developing Communications network/platform in particular
2.    Willow Collective – A project helping to get people onto land and connecting with people who have land.

Ben Phillips
1.    Interested in a seed saving collective
2.    Develop garden starter kits – how to start, working bees
3.    Develop a map of food trees including those that belong to private rentals – may be able to link up collect excess fruit
(Gary Williams offered a hard copy booklet developed by their local organic collective as a resource start, Linea noted that there are some groups already involved in the above and that there are some google maps of fruit trees in Wellington)

Grace (Inner Most)

1.    Website “The Worlds Biggest Community Garden”
2.    Innermost Gardens established 2006 intended for migrant/ethnic women now an open membership
3.    Current focus on new gardens work in Mount Victoria – wanting people to come and get involved.  Hui Tuesday 11 May 7-9pm Crossways Hall
1.    Common Ground – Community Gardens next to Tapu te Ranga Marae in Five years there has been amazing outputs
•    In the process of developing a food forest – composting resources provided by Commonsense organics and Peoples Coffee
•    Building a greenhouse
•    Has funding for a paid co-ordinator
1.    In the process of planning a documentary showcasing the Raglan Permaculture community, wishes to connect with others involved/experienced in documentary and film making
2.    Identifies the key need for the Bio-region to stay connected via the email list and national website
1.    Has been approached to provide offerings to worth causes such as mulch/fertilizer
2.    Seen a massive surge of interest in gardens since the “recession”
3.    Huge potential for income “win-win” in this field, resources, sharing, making better use of waste, lawns being turned into gardens, people hungry for knowledge in composting
You can be rewarded for your work, Be Dynamic!!

1.    Makes Tee Pees – willing to teach others how to make them

1.    Happy to take her learnings from her time in NZ to assist in developing local solutions in France
1.    Currently converting woolshed into a homestay


1.    Emergency Response Project
2.    Runs courses and modular courses in Permaculture
3.    Succession – how can one pass on the land outside normal ‘market’ protocols, interested in those who might be keen to undertake an internship
4.    Needs Farmsitters on the 5/6th of June at their home in Manakau – Levin
1.    Likes/Wants to work and focus on Children and teach them skills of self sufficiency
2.    Is a photographer (black and white) interested in an exhibition
3.    Documentary work
1.    Has lots of ideas, energy, wants an area to focus on
2.    An artist
1.    Wants to set up a travelling programme to teach kids/people – looking for interested people to help
2.    Soundman
3.    Encourages people in the Bio-region to develop and share their profiles with one another so we can find the help/assistance we might need
1.    Would like contact details with phone numbers
1.    Involved in community development work/policy – greenwaste for gardens in Moera
2.    Key Contact manager for Bio-region contact list
Ana – Thank you!!
Stypey – Setting up the network

Sarah – Innermost Gardens
1.    In the process of finding ways to remove DDT from soil (mushrooms)
2.    Robina McCurdy (Tui Community) presented at their last gathering to assist in the plan for their gardens in Mt Vic
3.    Wanting to build a collective in Mt Vic to maintain/sustain the gardens
4.    Need more Newtown locals for Innermost Newtown site
5.    Is a qualified Architect
1.    Developed an exchange network http://www.community-exchange.org/
2.    Wellington Independent Trading Network wishes to include the wider wider Wellington community encourages the Bio-region to register
3.    Potential for a Timebank to be established (not one set up up yet)

Actions from hui

•    Consent given for email attendance list to be sent to all
•    People who wish can send in their profiles or link this to the Community Exhange/PINZ website
Regional Permablitzing
The purpose of permablitzing enables members of the bio-region to:
1)    Actively connect with one another
2)    Apply Permaculture principles and learnings to our practice
3)    Take it from hui to doey!!
Linea will be the key connector for Perma-Blitzing in the Bio region Will take place once a month to start with. It is the hosts responsibility to email Linea with the key details, plan of day, day outcomes and Linea will send out to the network.


2 weeks prior all that will attend will respond and confirm
1 week prior those who are attending will reconfirm

Key themes for Perma-Blitzes to be considered:

1.    Time spent is practical/organised and efficient
2.    Good to develop a learning theme
3.    Develop a resource list/provide tools where possible
4.    Plan

1st Permablitz will be at South Karori 22 Mary 10am – 5pm
Shared Kai
BBQ Dinner

South Karori Crew to Confirm within by the 14th of May

3rd Permablitz – Gary/Emily in Manukau – July

Next Bio-region meeting – During June – possibly at Akatarawa Ranges – Matt to confirm