• Older Website Plans

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From Oct 2012 Face-to-Face

Finishing Work Planned in July

End of Oct: Finish transition to Drupal 7, allowing the last of the work in the July plan to be completed.

  • install tag cloud and survey engine (allows users to fill in surveys like the Strategy survey on the website)
  • finish tidying up the presentation of events pages
  • talk to Craig MacInstosh at Permaculture Research Institute about integrating (not segregating ;) their website's public profiles with ours, so that each person only has to maintain one public profile for both (could this include some discussion of integrating the landshare function we've been discussing?)

End of Nov:  Data Entry

  • Integrate the existing members databases into a single database, stored on the website, accessible only to the webmaster and Membership secretary
  • financial members pre-APC
  • financial members from APC
  • existing users on permaculture.org.nz
  • Identify those members in the new database who are paid-up members (pre-APC or via APC) and tag them appropriately
  • integrate the mail-out of the seasonal newsletter into the website, using the members database to determine which members receive the newsletter
  • add badges which identify financial members when they post events etc to the site (only financial members can promote courses)

New Contract

Stage 1: Bioregion support - includes the ability for people to identify which bioregion they are based in, and read/ publish to a subsection of the site specific to their bioregion (quote by 5/11, completed by next face-to-face: Jan 19-20)

Stage 2: 'ask a permie' function, minutes page for members (due to be completed end of Feb)

Stage 3: resource library - how do we want to store and present resources like Diploma work so that they are easy to access and use? (wiki? 'blog')?

From July 2012 Face-to-Face: 

Stage 1 - "Re-skin" (Richard)

User requests

- Permaculture in NZ name and logo prominent on top of page

- Login box moved to separate page (or "minimised" - as removing it isn't really possible in Drupal)  

- 'Tag Cloud' module added to make it easy for users to search site contents by keyword (eg "scythe" or "solar")

- CC-BY-SA license badge added to all pages by default

Stage 2 - "Improve Usability, Encourage and Reward Paid Membership" (Richard, Strypey, Tomaash)

User requests

- Separate calendar: one for Courses and Workshops, one for One-off Events, each with a box on the front page listing the next few entries

- Join/ rejoin PINZ: 1) fill in membership form, 2) pay by internet banking, 3) treasurer checks payment received, and approves membership

- Badge identifying financial members of PINZ whenever they add content to the site (eg forum comment, blogs etc)

Stage 3 - "Add Functions" (Richard, Strypey, Tomaash)

User requests

- 'Ask a Question' box on the front page, questions could become a forum topic, which users could help to answer.

- Wiki (paid members only - one way to do this would be to create a private project on CoActivate, and only allow paid-up members access)