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The Ōtākou bioregion, centred on the harbour of the same name, has a coastal climate, very different from the mountain plateaux of inland Otago

Living and designing using permaculture in the coastal region around the Te Whanga o Ōtākou (Otago Harbour), including Ōtepoti (Dunedin City) and surrounding areas.

Local Permaculture Activities

  • Dunedin Permaculture Group - meeting monthly at The Apartment, MalCam Trust (join the email list to receive the newsletter)
  • Permablitz Otago - changing the world, one back yard at a time, join us for a blitz or two and have one at your place!

      Mapping our bioregion

      1. Marae
      2. Community Gardens 
      3. Community Networks
      4. Neighbourhoods
      5. Recycling and Re-use
      6. Renewable Energy
      7. Local Business

      Marae - "Integrate not segregate"

      Community Gardens - "Use edges and value the marginal"

      • North East Valley Community Garden - Back field, NEV Primary School, North Road, Ōtepoti/ Dunedin
      • Dunedin Community Garden - Shetland Street Reserve, Kaikorai Valley, Ōtepoti/ Dunedin
      • South Dunedin Community Garden - Bathgate Park School, Ōtepoti/ Dunedin
      • Brockville Community Garden, Brockville School, Ōtepoti/ Dunedin
      • Waitati Edible Gardeners Cooperative Garden - Waitati
      • Port Chalmers Community Garden - Albertson Ave, Port Chalmers

      (Thanks to Good Magazine and GrowTogether for their community garden lists)

        Community Networks - "Use and value diversity"

        • Ōtepoti Urban Organics - organisers of Symbiosis Seed Savers, their website has a great local gardening guide, an extensive list of organic community links, and discussion forums. 
        • Dunedin TimeBank - sharing time and skills amongst neighbours across the city
        • Foodweb - Otago's local food network
        • Dunedin Locavores - Local food enthusiasts who organise workshops on things like Top Bar Beehives

        Neighbourhoods - "Observe and interact"

        Recycling and Re-Use - "Create no waste"

        • Dunedin Freecycle - online forum with Offers and Wanted notices. One person's rubbish is another's treasure, especially in a student town
        • Free Resources - separated waste from businesses in large volumes, available for other uses."The problem is the solution"
        • Re-Source It - Directory of recycling projects, sorted in 'Organics', 'Inorganics', and 'Community'

        Renewable Energy - "Catch and store energy"

        • Blueskin Energy Project - working on community-owned wind generation, energy efficiency advice, PV solar, commuter rail, and low oil commuting

        Local Business - "Obtain a yield"