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last modified June 21, 2017 by strypey

This is the canonical documentation for permaculture.org.nz, the official website of Permaculture in NZ (PiNZ), a charitable Incorporated Society which serves as a coordinating body for permaculture education in Aotearoa, and the umbrella body for the annual Hui. The PiNZ Council has determined that the website is going to be a very important portal for the growth of the organisation, serving as a public-facing promotional tool, a membership engagement tool, and a knowledge commons; a repository of our shared experience as practitioners of permaculture in Aotearoa. In order to make sure the site is well designed, well maintained, and well supported, the Council has decided to divide the work among a Web Team .

The site runs on Drupal 7, with a number of Drupal modules , and CiviCRM as the membership database. Ongoing development is guided by a group of documents that are collaboratively developed by the PiNZ Council and the web team, and regularly updated, a Staged Website Plan , a User Interface Brief , a Site Map , and a Content Map laying out what parts of the site we want to be accessible by:

  • the anonymous public
  • people with accounts on the site who are *not* PiNZ members
  • people who *are* PiNZ members

At this stage, what we intend to achieve is a new version of the site, using the new branding, to be launched before the end of 2016. Graphic design wireframes of the new work in progress will be shown at the next PiNZ Hui (ANZAC weekend 2016). At some stage we will need to upgrade to Drupal 8, but we need to wait until all the Drupal modules we depend on have been upgraded to work with 8, and somewhat debugged. In the meantime, we want to leverage the work Richard has done integrating CiviCRM by adding three major pieces of functionality which will build on it:

  • secure payments management
  • user-friendly events calendars for PDC courses, short courses and workshops, and one-off events.
  • bioregional awareness, so that site members are presented with the information happening in their local area first, when they log in.


    • Web Team who are currently working on different aspects of website development