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Nau mai, Haere mai,

Welcome to the Aotearoa Permaculture Network

This project provides online collaboration tools to all groups and organisations which promote the learning, practice, and development of permaculture, in the islands of Aotearoa. Through the generous free hosting of CoActivate.org, you can set up your own email lists and wikipages for your project-based local groups and bioregional networks, and countrywide groups including PiNZ (Permaculture in NZ), and TransitionTowns Aotearoa/ NZJOIN 

Through the PermaGeeks group, we aim to link these efforts into worldwide projects like Appropedia, PracticalPlants, and Akvopedia. If you have never used a wiki before, have a look at the Wiki instructions on the CoActivate Users Group project, and feel free to have a play with editing the Sandbox page, to familiarise yourself with how it works.

All decision about the APN are made using our Loomio group. For more information, contact Strypey: (strypey_at_disintermedia.net.nz)

Bioregional Groups


email list: Permaculture Ōtākou Bioregion

Lower North Island

email list: Permaculture Lower North Island


email list: Permaculture Taranaki Whanganui

Running an email list or forum for another bioregion? Want to be listed here? Get in touch! 

Tangata Whenua

We are now hosting an email lists for tangata whenua involved in permaculture and related activities. More email lists can be created for more specific kaupapa if needed.

email list: Kaitiakitanga

Permaculture in New Zealand

PiNZ Council - (formerly PEX) The elected governance committee of PiNZ

email list: PINZ-EXEC

PiNZ Strategy - creating long term plans for the PiNZ as an organisation, and the development of permaculture in Aotearoa 

email list: PINZ-Strategy

PiNZ Website - documentation for the ongoing development of the PiNZ website at permaculture.org.nz, the Kai.org.nz edible plants wiki, and any other online tools for the organisation.

PiNZ Networking and Media - building relationships with other organisations and coordinating delivery of permaculture information through diverse media channels

email list: PINZ-NAM

PiNZ Annual Hui Guide - Guidelines, timelines and suggestions for those willing to organise this event for PiNZ.

PiNZ Pasifik Sponsorship Panel - Criteria, networks, and funding information


Countrywide Projects

Perma-Geeks - A network of information technology, media, and communications specialists, who are committed to using their skills, knowledge, and contacts, to help human communities re-integrate with their local ecosystems, and support their regeneration.

email list: Permageeks

Educational Tours - Groups of people travelling around the country, teaching permaculture design tools, and learning from the bioregional practices of the people they visit

Willow Shoots - Projects to connect communal lands that need people, with people who want to live communally on the land

email list: Willow Collective

Phlogiston - A networking, info-sharing and organising project for people developing, building and testing neighbourhood-scale renewable energy systems.

email list: Phlogiston

Centre for Appropriate Technology - A networking project for people working on sustainable building and other appropriate technology to share knowledge, tools, and information.

Emergency Response Teams

email list: Permaculture Emergency Response

Broadacre Permaculture - Applying permaculture design tools and techniques to large-scale food production, including supporting farmers in manageable transitions to successful permaculture systems.

Humanure - Everything you ever wanted to know about waterless, composting toilet systems in all their manifold forms; history, design, safety, hygiene, and use of compost made from humanure.

Intentional Communities - A separate CoActivate project set up by members of Permaculture in NZ.

Useful Plants - A project to build up a freely shareable database of information about plants which can be grown in Aotearoa, and which are either edible, medicinal, or otherwise useful to humans.

Worldwide Projects

Below is the original mission and design of the wiki when it was first created. It was left here as a reminder of how permies could make use of the internet to spread our knowledge. As the collaboration between Appropedia.org, Practical Plants, Open Source Permaculture, GaiaPermaculture.com, WikiEducator, Mutual Gift, and a number of other "permageeks" takes off, with a similar vision to that described in A Growing Commons , perhaps this vision will yet be realised.

Permaculture Planet

Introduction to the global permaculture knowledge base v.0.1

The goal of this wiki is to collect and organise detailed information about how to live a sustainable life on planet Earth. Inspired by the permaculture design philosophy the structure will involve sorting information by:
a) elements - aspects of living system design (housing, clothing, food, communication, organisation etc)
b) BioRegions - defined geographical area with similar climate, geology, flora and fauna, culture etc

Hopefully as more people find this wiki and start to add material to it, they will be able to connect with others in their area and organise new projects in their communities.