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last modified April 17, 2016 by strypey

 August 2015 Update by Strypey (informed by website working group meeting 17 Aug)


The purpose of the Permaculture in NZ website is to support the people of Aotearoa in making more use of permaculture design methods, and practical techniques, increasing our ability to provide for our own needs and the capacity of the environment to support future generations. The website achieves this purpose by:

  • Building a repository of information which can guide people in their permaculture practices, including resources we host on permaculture.org.nz, and links to (or copies of) resources hosted by other organisations (eg Permaculture Research Institute) or websites like Appropedia.org.
  • Connecting people who want to study permaculture with PDCs (Permaculture Design Courses), short course, and workshops run by accredited teachers
  • Provide accurate, timely, information about the annual PiNZ Hui, how to register, and how to get involved as a volunteer, or offer a talk or workshop
  • Connecting people to events and projects in their bioregion which can help them with their permaculture practice, and gives them an opportunity to meet permies, and other like-minded folks
  • Providing administrative support and coordination tools to the PiNZ Council (eg integrated membership management with CiviCRM), working groups like the Permaculture Educators Group (PEG), and other permaculture projects

In order to provide self-education opportunities to the general public, most of the information on the website will be readable without a user account, and people can create an account for limited interactivity without being financial members of PiNZ. To reward people who help fund the organisation by paying membership dues, certain site functions will only be accessible to current financial members (see Content Map ).

 Work remaining from July 2012 plan

(see Older Website Plans )

  • install survey engine (allows users to fill in surveys like the Strategy survey on the website, instead of using external tools like SurveyMonkey which harvest user data)
  • Re-implement events pages (PDC Courses, Short Courses, Other Events), using the CiviCRM events back-end, so that events are listed beginning with the most imminent, and they disappear automatically into a searchable archive when they are finished
  • talk to Craig MacInstosh at Permaculture Research Institute about integrating (not segregating ;) their website's public profiles with ours, so that each person only has to maintain one public profile for both
  • add badges which identify financial members when they post events etc to the site (only financial members can promote courses) 

Work remaining from Oct 2012 plan

(see Older Website Plans )

Stage 1: Bioregion support - includes the ability for people to identify which bioregion they are based in, and read/ publish to a subsection of the site specific to their bioregion

Stage 2: 'ask a permie' function ('Ask a Question' box on the front page, questions could become a forum topic, which users could help to answer.) Meeting minutes page for members, with minutes of AGMs, Council meetings, any SGMs)

Stage 3: resource library - how do we want to store and present resources like Diploma work so that they are easy to access and use? (wiki? 'blog')?

 New work agreed to by Council in 2015

  • Richard: HTTPS (SSL Certificate installed and working), clone of site set up as test site for development purposes
  • Tara: the Council engaged Tara to design a new PiNZ logo, and has also asked her to design an upgraded user interface for the site, addressing both sitemap (layout and organisation of the various sections of the site), and graphic design
  • Fuzion: secure payments system installed and working in time for registrations for 2016 Hui, events calendar systems improved, bioregional subsites implemented
  • Billy: set up PiNZ install of the CoActivate software (codename: OpenThyng) on a server located in Aotearoa, migrate PINZ-Council and APN projects to the new server

New work which could become part of a 2015/16 plan

  • allow financial members to create registration sites for events, for accredited teachers this would include PDCs and short course
  • integrate multiple payment options with CiviCRM, so members can pay dues, and people registering for events (including Hui) can pay fees
  • add a 'land-sharing' feature which connects people looking for land, with people looking for others to share land, for both growing and living purposes 
  • add badges which distinguish PDC holders from other financial members, and accredited teachers from other PDC holders
  • upgrade to Drupal8 (this will depend on CiviCRM integration, and the various modules we need, working with 8)
  • set up a Loomio server (now supports full 2-way email integration) to provide group organisation and decision-making tools to Council, working groups (eg PEG), and projects
  • set up a voice conferencing server, with a user interface integrated into the site (online community meeting room), could be a Mumble server, or a WebRTC server based on Jitsi Meet or Palava.tv, with an implementation of Rimu's ClarityRainbow meeting cards?