• Web Team

last modified July 14, 2016 by strypey

For the development cycle from late 2015 until the Hui in 2016, the Web Team includes:

  • webmaster (Richard Grevers - Dramatic.co.nz): ongoing role, responsible for hosting and preventative maintenance, including server care, software updates, emergency troubleshooting on the live site, and maintaining a test site(s) for development of new features
  • PiNZ Council liaisons (Nandor Tanczos - PiNZ Convenor, Floyd Driver - PiNZ Secretary): ongoing role, responsible for facilitating communication between Council and the web team about requirements for the site and progress on implementing them.
  • graphic designer (Tara Fowler): short-to-medium term role, working on a new unified branding for PiNZ, which will include a new logo, and working on the 'look and feel' of the site.
  • web team coordinator (Danyl Strype - Disintermedia.net.nz): short-to-medium term role, involving identifying and solving any problems that slow or stall development progress, documenting plans and progress, facilitating the website focus group+ , and researching software tools that may be useful in making PiNZ more self-hosting (eg CiviCRM instead of GoogleDocs for membership database)
  • Nick Whiu (Cubes) - short-to-medium term role, "slicing and dicing" the graphic design work done by Tara into a form that can be deployed on the new look website.
  • features team: the plan is to make each new feature on the road-map a one-off contract, which will be completed by a developer familiar with Drupal and its available modules, in consultation with the webmaster and the graphic designer. During this development cycle, the team from Fuzion.co.nz will be rolling out a secure payments system to allow members to register and pay for the Hui using the website, and eventually to book and pay for courses and other events. Billy Naylor is working on ways to integrate groupware tools we currently use other sites for (eg CoActivate.org, Loomio.org) into our own website, so members only have to login once to use them. Other new features in the pipeline include events calendars, and bioregional subsites.

Richard, a permaculturist himself, has been the paid webmaster for about 5 years, and will continue in this role. He inherited a fairly rudimentary Drupal 6 website, and has since done a lot of work rebuilding for Drupal 7, tweaking the graphic design, and adding modules to allow for features like the tag cloud and surveys (as an alternative to proprietary external tools like SurveyMonkey). Other than core maintenance, and fighting off spam attacks, most of Richard's development time over the last year has been spent setting up a CiviCRM instance for PiNZ, and integrating it with the existing site. This has streamlined a lot of the organisations membership management, newsletter mail-outs etc, and opened up a number of exciting possibilities for managing our own functions on our own free code platform, instead of outsourcing them to proprietary "web services" like MailChimp or Disquis.

Nandor Tanczos, a former Greens MP, has served as Co-Convenor and Convenor of the PiNZ Council over 5 years, and was responsible for initiating and carrying forward a ten year strategy for PiNZ. He regularly teaches permaculture design (full courses, modules, and workshops).

Floyd Driver has served on the PiNZ Council for 5 years, as Newsletter Editor, and more recently, as Secretary. He lives in an intentional community in Te Tai Tokerau, and works regularly in applying permaculture design thinking to projects on land in the area.

Tara Fowler is a professional graphic designer, who is excited about using her skills to support the growth of permaculture in Aotearoa. She recently finalized the design of the new logo for PiNZ, and has been working on the massive project of rethinking the way the elements of permaculture.org.nz, are organised, as well as new page layouts and styles.

Strypey is a professional volunteer, activist networker, citizen journalist, free culture and software freedom advocate, permaculturist, user experience consultant, and remover of obstacles. He began his role informally during his 2 years serving on the PiNZ Council, facilitating the first staged website plan, and the transition of the membership database from a GoogleDoc to CiviCRM, and Council collaborative practice from GoogleGroups and GoogleDocs to CoActivate.org and Loomio.org. He is looking forward to presenting a significantly upgraded website, and a local PiNZ version of the CoActivate software, to the membership at the next Hui.

Billy Naylor is a veteran programmer, systems administrator, and UNIX greybeard, who spent many years doing web development for Scoop.co.nz

Fuzion.co.nz  specialise in Drupal/ CiviCRM work for not-for-profit organisations.