• Website Brainstorm 2

last modified May 1, 2016 by strypey

Whatever tools allows people to publish to the the front page is the one they will use. This is why usage of the blogs has picked up, but almost nobody uses the events calendar anymore. Every tool on the site that we want to be used needs to have a box on the front page where its latest additions are displayed, with a link to 'more...'.

Breaking the events calendar into separate calendars didn't actually solve the problem we were presented with, which was the actually the ill-suited nature of the wall calendar skueomorph that was being used to display them. This underscores the importance of having a really clear problem statement before starting to design a solution. Having only two event systems; one for courses by PiNZ accredited teachers, and one for 'everything else', and having them both featured on the front page, wiil be a big improvement.

The Drupal philosophy of having all the content-creation pages linked on one 'add content' page makes sense when it is being used as a blog or homepage where one webmaster, or a small group, admin on behalf of  a readership. If we want to encourage our community to add stuff themselves, and put it in the right place, we need links to content-creation pages prominently displayed alongside every place the content they create appears. For example, logged in users should see an 'add an event' link as part of the calendar boxes on the front page, which should take them to the event creation page.

We also need to address the questions around advertising. What counts as advertising vs community promotion? What do job ads count as? Is blogs the right place for them? If not, how can the interface guide users to put them in the right place?