• Website Vision Brainstorm

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Suggestions for the upgrade of the PINZ website

Aug, 2012 - Strypey suggests:

- If we envisage users writing longer articles or blog posts, we might want to create a facility for them to choose a license for their piece. This might include ARR copyright, the full range of CC licenses, and Public Domain

- Postings to our blog on CoActivate could be sucked into the site, and displayed in their own section

May 2011 - Richard's list of priorities: 

>> Urgent/Important: 
       The site for APC11 - time critical 
       Cosmetic changes to prove that something is happening, e.g. fixing the rendering of the events pages 
       Installing a more effective captcha for website sign-ups (to reduce time wasted binning them) 
       AND/OR Installing GeoIP plugin to restrict online website sign-ups to NZ/Australia 
       Re-architect site in order to integrate PNZ membership registration, processing, database and mailer system with the website - eliminates several clunky systems, removes much duplicated effort and streamlines Membership Secretary task. Will increase revenue by actually asking members to renew subs.[1] 
       [2] Redesign site visually and structurally to feature public areas and member areas. 
[1] There are some policy matters to be decided by PEX at the June face/face, such as "What website functions do we limit to PNZ members", "Do we make everyone who completes|has completed a PDC in NZ a (free) member for the first year" - which may need constitutional amendment. 
[2] I hesitate to call this "unimportant" - it's more that it will have to come last for logistical reasons. <<

March 2012 - Strypey's quick brainstorm: 

* PinA email lists/ wiki - merge with p.org.nz? 
   - add lists/ wiki modules to Drupal and migrate PinA lists/ wiki? 
   - migrate existing p.org.nz content to our own instance of OpenCore? 
* Separate one-off events like hui from ongoing events like courses which runs over a period of weeks

* Options to look at events from one bioregion, or whole country 
* implement OpenID?

* Can the log-in box be some kind of anchored pop-up, which attention is drawn to on a 'join' page which details what guests of PINZ can use on this site, and what financial members of PINZ can access in the members-only area? 
* Can we host a verbatim copy of a WikiEducator wiki on permaculture?