• Media Repository

last modified April 6, 2013 by bslash

Set out creating a media repository for Plone


What is out there? 

Considerations / wishlist 

  • There is a lot of information already stored in metadata on images (PDF-alert...) (IPTC, XMP, ...). Side note: there is no accepted standard for video as of yet, although the iptc is pushing for one. So for now we focus on image-metadata. Having a useful subset of that used for Plone metadata is highly desirable. Two-way tagging would be best, so that if for instance a license or a keyword is changed inside Plone, it gets inserted into the image metadata. The product unweb.iptc shows how this can be done, two-ways, although that stores the tags in the normal keyword space
  • Where to store the data itself? unweb.iptc just extracs the IPTC data that can be stuffed into Dublin Core, but larger organisations will want more. Ideally this could happen when image-type has moved on to Dexterity, then it's just a matter of adding for instance two configurable behaviours: iptc-core for simpler usecases and iptc-full for those who want it all.
  • Tags for media have other concerns and roles than tags for textual content. A separate tag-namespace is desirable to not pollute the normal tag-space. Otherwise things like faceted or keyword-based search becomes too confusing for users looking for content and editors looking for images.
  • A user-friendly way to locate media assets inside the WYSIWYG editor is needed. It should be easy enough to start using even on smaller sites, but should scale to large amounts of images.
  • It should reckon with the fact that images/assets might be workflowed or have different license uses. (Example: OK for intranet, not OK for public use) 

More thoughts, ramblings (unsorted)

  • There will be extra metadata. Separate catalog, or extra indexes on standard catalog? The first gives a more clean approach, but many of the metadata we should pull in from the assets need to go in the plone_catalog (author, various dates, location, ...). Maybe a hybrid approach is possible: Dublin Core-type info goes into the normal catalog, and the full enchilada goes into a mediacatalog.
  • How much code is it possible to re-use from for instance plone.app.search to make a viable searching plugin for tinymce? At the very least it would need to be made pluggable, so it can search other catalogs. And it currently is mostly optimized to search for documents, not necessarily images. At the very least the results need to be shown as thumbnails.
  • Or do we need full faceted search anyway, something like eea.facetedsearch? Does that provide a useful pop-up select-widget? Ideally, the select/search allows you to search for images with CC license, with tags 'Bangladesh' and 'portraits', shot no more than two years ago. A normal instance of eea.facetedsearch allows exactly that, with thumbnails.
    At first sight, requiring something as large as eea.facetedsearch, or another full faceted solution, may seem excessive. On the other hand, if you have need for a mediarepository because you have a large number of assets, you will already require an advanced method to browse through them.
  • Input from Alec Ghica on this: Regarding using a facetednavigation popup in media repository, take a look here:
  • A quick example:

    1. enable facetednavigation on a folder (e.g. http://localhost:8080/demo/folder1)
    2. create a Page Template (e.g. custom_nav) in custom and copy/paste: http://pastebin.com/3EdERumw
    3. then call http://localhost:8080/demo/folder1/custom_nav

    For a popup and more just take a look in eea.relations on how is made.