• plone.app.robotframework

last modified April 4, 2013 by datakurre

plone.app.robotframework bundles re-usable Robot Framework resources for writing functional Selenium tests for Plone and add-ons. It contains:

  • baseline for writing robot tests (so that they can be run with Jenkins, Selenium Grids, Sauce Labs, etc... with none or minor modifications)
  • various re-usable keywords libraries (e.g. transaction aware python keyword library base, automatic login library and Sauce Labs integration)

  • test server (with code reloading) for starting a plone.testing-layer based demo Plone instance and run robot tests against it using pybot (or Robot Framework IDE)

It supersedes plone.act, which was never had a public release. (Robot Framework is not only for acceptance tests and therefore act* was considered a wrong name.)


Plomino as an example test case for plone.app.robotframework: