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Cosent presented a PloneSocial roadmap on the first conference day. A full write-up of that roadmap will be published as part of a Digital Workspace whitepaper in the third week of April, before World Plone Day. To receive a copy of the roadmap whitepaper as soon as it's available, please contact Guido Stevens

Sprint Progress

Wednesday 3 April
Presented roadmap, designed collective.local.* integration
Thursday 4 April
Prepared plonesocial.microblog to enable per-workspace local microblogs: query locally per-context, and query globally with per-context permission checks.
Friday 5 April
Provide plonesocial.microblog IMicroblogContext marker that will be used to drive collective.local.workspace integration.
Create Robot Framework tests that run locally, on Travis-CI and on Saucelabs, providing both functional test coverage and feature demo video.
Saturday 6 April
Blogged PloneSocial PLOG2013 Sprint Report including slideshow.