• Products Party

last modified April 17, 2013 by miziodel

We had a 1.5 hour session with more than ten persons discussing ways to let "good", advisable and most used products bubble up, being more discoverable and easy to start up with (documentation, etc.).

many ideas were proposed, among which:

  • improve the plone.org products section with old and new features (everybody says we have a blocking factor with the non automatic process for letting informations in from a dev point of view - much easier to release a package to pypi)
  • have a PF "curator of packages" paid position: a person manually taking care of the many packages we have from the community
  • creating distributions of specific products for vertical markets (plone 4 ..)
  • have more communications and reviews around products people are implementing and releasing

At the end we collect a suggestion from Philip Bauer that looked like "achievable" during the sprint:

create a "shortlist" of advisable add-ons, to review collectively, per category. 

we could then use this for communication/marketing efforts, to improve quality of released products (to show up there, you need to add a "proper" description, classifiers, etc.), and so on.

UPDATE: on this topic, I discovered this interesting page: http://weblion.psu.edu/ploneedu/projects/buildout/buildout

First Draft of Products Shortlist