• Speakers' Corner program

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Every day we have 30 minutes slots at: 

9.30 | 10.0010.3011.30 | 12.00

Lightning talks: 12.30


[Sprint day report: 18.00]

Wednesday, 3 April

T. Desvenain - collective.local.{workspace,sendto,adduser,addgroup} for managing workspaces & C. Messiant - collective.contact.{core, widget}

G. Stevens - PloneSocial roadmap

S. Orsi - let's talk about Plone Analytics


M. Azzolini - Agile values, methods and software. How RedTurtle is moving into this exciting world.

G. Borelli - let's get a better collective.geo and improve Plone for Geo-referenced content.

Thursday, 4 April

A. De Marinis - Visualising Open Data with Plone

P. Roeland - The state of the Plone Foundation (no slides)

R. Garbas - Modern Javascript and Plone


A. Ghica - EEA add-ons overview

É. Andrei - Tales of an old tech marketeer -- or what we should do with Plone Marketing

Friday, 5 April

P. Bauer - It's the way of the present: Why you should use plone.app.contenttypes.

M. Ohtamaa - Write the docs

A. Soukka - writing functional tests for Plone using Robot Framework


M. Hamilton - Plone and Single-Sign On - Active Directory and the Holy Grail. -> [screencast]

Saturday, 6 April

S. Orsi - Plumi - a video portal based on Plone (no slides: for the italian track have a look here)

F. Benincasa - Plone for scientific purposes: the case of WMO Sand and Dust Storm Warning Advisory and Assessment System (SDS- WAS)

É. Andrei - Community bootstrapping: PloneGov.br case


G. Borelli, S. Deponti - Introduction to Simple Management

A. Stross-Radschinski State of Plone.com | Launch Strategy