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last modified October 30, 2009 by djay

Plone hosting:

This work area is for those interested in improving the Plone hosting story.

  • Overview: There are not enough Plone hosting providers and it's difficult to deploy a Plone site.
  • Goals: We want to change this and increase the number of hosting providers and make it easier to get a Plone site hosted.
  • Planning: We are organizing several tracks of exploration. See below.
  • Links: There is already a project area to explore Plone static publishing.


Plan of action

  1. Plone hosting options - Identify the types of Plone hosting that is available (shared hosting, dedicated server, VPS, SaaS)
  2. Plone hosting providers - Identify who is currently providing Plone hosting (plone.net/providers is a good place to start)
  3. Plone hosting improvements - Identify ways to improve hosting options (EC2, static publishing of HTML pages, ContentMirror, VMWare images, OpenVZ images, Debian packages) and in particular Plone App Engine (a downloadable Plone SDK that can configure and deploy sites to cheap VPS hosts) 
  4. Buildout tips Share patterns/recipes/snippets for buildouts