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Zope News


The Zope News is a handy print format frequently published in german language by the German speaking Zope User Group (DZUG e.V. Germany, Austria, Switzerland) mostly prior to big exhibition fair events and the annual DZUG Conference as a give away medium.

  • issues are usually focused on a main topic, containing a mix of news and reference projects
  • Plone is of course a running focus
  • last 4 issues are sharing the current layout and are source of the base design/typography for the upcoming DZUG Plone Brochures


  • The layout is a professional 3 column grid non geek design (multicolumn underlay), aiming at business applications.
  • Helvetica Neue light was used as bodytext.
  • Helvetica Neue bold condensed for the stop headlines to make heavy statements in tidy columns. The more widely spread big headlines are Helvetica Neue light.
  • The colour schema uses what we call Zope blue in combination with complementary orange on the title.
  • The title page header section serves easily as a banner for the introduction on websites.
  • Graphics (screenshots etc.) are placed in boxes with slight radius of 0.5 mm with a minor outline and some light shadow.

Technical production details

  • The format is 4-paged DINA4 folded from A3. 
  • The official release is printed on 135g/qm matt Offset
  • The design allows easy office printing from A3 lasers without the need for cutting with bleed.
  • for the QuarkXpress files ask Armin Stroß-Radschinski until added here


  • Zope News 2009/09 – Issue for 10th DZUG-Annual Conference Meeting, Munich
    Topics: What is introduced in Plone 4? - Interview with Eric Steele, Plone Scholarly Journal for perspectivia.net, Event-Management in Plone, 40 Berlin schools using Plone, New Books on Plone.
    Link to the english version of the Plone4 Interview with Eric Steele on weblion.psu.edu:
  • Zope News 2008/09 – Issue for 9th DZUG-Annual Conference Meeting, Saarbrücken
    Topics: 10 Years Plone at Humbolt-University, CeBIT Report 2008, Plone-Workshop at the FrOSCon, Chemnitz Linux-Days, Linuxdays 2008 in Berlin, The common DZUG exhibition boothes
  • Zope News 2008/01 – Issue for the DZUG fair booth on CeBit 2008, Hannover.
    Topics: 10 Years Web-Development with Zope – Open-Source since 1998, Economics Online-Journal, Virtual Global Economics Symposium, Onclick Plone portals, Plone Summit at Googleplex
  • Zope News 2007/02 – Issue for the DZUG fair booth on Systems 2007, Munich.
    Topics: cmswatch study, Denso Automotive, PloneGov, Die Zeit 3.0, Lovelybooks
  • Zope News 2007/01 – Issue for 8th DZUG-Annual Conference Meeting, Potsdam/Berlin
    Topics: German speaking Zope-Community, Plone 3.0, Grok, Softwarepatents
    PDF-file, this issue was produced with Scribus.  

    previous issues ca be downloaded from zope.de

    Some background on the staff

    Chief editor is the current speaker and member of the DZUG board Jan Ulrich Hasecke. Jan Ulrich collects the content and gives the "professional" touch to the reports coming in from the community. Jan Ulrich Hasecke is a freelance professional writer focused on IT topics running his own public relations agency bureau hasecke.com.

    Layout, typesetting and graphics of the last issues was done by acsr industrialdesign, the company of Armin Stroß-Radschinski who is member of the current DZUG board. acsr is experienced in professional graphic and print productions for corporate media and books. The design activities are spreading widely from exhibition and interiordesign to design consulting and strategic marketing media.

    Benefit for the community is the solid knowledge of the Plone technologies in the team and the "connections" to the target groups on the other hand.