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­­­­­­­­­Overview: improve the marketing of Plone.

Team members:  We're looking for people to help with marketing efforts, and we'll likely be breaking down into several smaller teams. Send an email to marketing@plone.org  if you are interested in getting involved.  Let us know a little about you and what you are interested in working on.

Plone Foundation Marketing Committee

Recent news

Go to the milestones page to see the current state of affairs.

November 9, 2009:  Plone wins Packt Publishing Award for 'Best Other Open Source CMS'

November 6, 2009: A detailed description paper ­of the concepts behind the german Zope News was added in english at available german Zope News issues

November 5, 2009: Task list added (check if something is missing and join!)

November 1, 2009: Plone Conf 2009 Marketing Sprint wrapup started

April 30, 2009: 2009-04-30-minutes Marketing Committee Meeting

April 16, 2009: 2009-04-16-minutes+ Marketing Committee teleconference

March 19, 2009: 2009-03-19-minutes Marketing Committee Meeting

March 5, 2009: 2009-03-05-minutes Marketing Committee meeting­

February 19, 2009: 2009-02-19-minutes Marketing Committee kick-off meeting

June 6, 2008: Marketing discussion­ assistance at Plone Symposium in NOLA

October 12, 2008: Marketing sprint in DC.

October 28, 2008: Plone wins Packt Publishing Award for 'Best Other Open Source CMS'

Marketing working groups

  • Metrics and statistics (Karl Horak) - gather statistics and other indicators for how Plone is doing in the marketplace
  • Conferences and events (David Siedband) - make sure that Plone is well-represented at conferences and events. Provide "conference kit"
  • Media Coverage - Make sure Plone is well represented in comparison sites, surveys, reports, paper writing­, custom essay­s and articles
  • Social Media (Christian "MrTopf" Scholz) - expand Plone's reach through the use of social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter
  • Screencasts (Nate Aune) - promote Plone through the use of accessible video-based introductions and screencasts
  • Plone.org redesign (Matt Hamilton) - redesign the Plone.org website to better reflect the marketing objectives
  • User groups (Chris Calloway) - explore advocacy and evangelism opportunities through local user groups
  • Competitive Analysis (Virginia Choy)- identify other CMSes which are often compared to Plone
  • Plone Logo Guidelines (Mark Corum, Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker) - develop a set of clear logo usage guidelines for the Community to follow
  • Reusable printed materials (Mark Corum) - produce marketing materials to be handed out at conferences, user groups, etc.
  • Competitions - identify contests in which Plone should compete
  • ElevatorPitch (Jordan Baker) - come up with elevator pitches to be used when people ask what Plone is
  • Plone swag (Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker) - t-shirts, buttons, stickers, etc sold to promote Plone
  • Press releases - make sure that every time Plone has a major release or hosts a conference, that there are press releases widely distributed.
  • The Plone Awards - 1st annual Plone Awards 


Other initiatives

    NEW Country Specific Plone Sites

    Plone Salesforce Marketing

    ­Reading list

    Contributed marketing materials

    plone.org/for A New Approach to Marketing Plone 

    A Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples

    Previous Incarnation of the Marketing Committee

    Plone Marketing Sprint 2010 -- Albuquerque


    Other marketing ideas

    ­World Plone Day

    2010 - Wednesday April 28th 2010 ­

    2009 & 2008 EVALUATION:

    2009 — Wednesday 22nd April


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