• 2010

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Bristol Plone Conference - Plone Video Sprint

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    • Meet with other (video products / projects, discuss collaboration potential and build the community
    • Have a good assessment of where Plone Video is at now and what the roadmap for the next year looks like.
    • Enhance the collaboration around products using best practices to reduce replication and shelfware.
    • Come out with tangible improvements to video products, or clear paths to improvement post sprint (including momentum to get there)





        • Plone Video Review - collective.flowplayer, Plumi, p4a.plonevideo, Transcode Daemon, ATGoogleVideo, ATFlashMovie, redturtle.video, collective.dewplayer,  stxnext.transform.avi2flv, qi.jwMedia (a look at products not covered by maintainers in updates)
        • Plone Video Suite
        • Modularisation of Plumi - packaging elements - how best to do this? PlumiVideoProduct - trimmed down version of this? what do other people want from Plone Video and specifically from Plumi?
        • Review of outcomes from Budapest Plone Video Sprint - where are things at? Plone Video Suite?
        • Future of Plone video - ATVideo / Archetypes / Dexterity ?
        • Plone 4 / Plone 5 for video - what, if anything, has or will change in terms of running a Plone video/multimedia site, or the Plumi package?
        • Theming for Video / Mobiles with Plone 4 - transcoding
        • HTML5 Video - support & implementation of free software video codecs & standards?