• Plumi

last modified October 31, 2009 by vik

Lead: Andrew Lowenthal

The key focus is to get Plumi on Plone 3. The process is well underway but there are a few key issues blocking us.

Issues can be found at - http://plumi.org/report/3, starting at 3.0-beta and moving to 3.0 final.

∘ #274 upgrade to plone 3.3.1
∘ #244 collective.releaser
∘ #263 RSS & podcasting
∘ Fix publishing form to 3-step 'wizard' style

If you need trac access you can talk to askvictor in irc.freenode.net  in #plonevideosprint

A buildout of the latest version can be found at https://svn.engagemedia.org/project/plumi-buildout-plone3/trunk and there are more basic directions at http://plumi.org/wiki/HowToInstallPlumiUsingTheBuildout#a0.3-unstable