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Video functionality has now become a default expectation for online users. Plone's current video capabilities however don't meet most users expectations with products not adequately maintain or fully functional. Whilst much good work has been done there is a lot more to do to ensure Plone provide solid multimedia support. The Video Sprint aims to push Plone's capabilities ahead by convening a great set of coders and organisers to enable Plone's latent video capabilities and drive the further adoption of open source video solutions. A host of vital independent media relies on it.  

Plone Video Sprint 2010 - Bristol

At this year's Plone Conference 2010 in Bristol EngageMedia and Unweb will be holding a Plone Video Sprint. Please visit the wiki here: 2010

Plone Video Sprint 2009 - Budapest

2009 Budapest sprint wiki is here: 2009  

Other Info

Notes towards a plone video strategy

IRC: irc.freenode.net #plonevideo

video-feature-set - a list of "must have", "should have" and "nice to have" video features in Plone.