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last modified October 31, 2010 by anna

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Have committed changes to transcode.star to create two new transcoding profiles - an iPhone version (which can also be used for low-bandwidth scenarios) and a 3gp file to provide support for older mobile phones without the need to add codecs / players. Transcode Star now offers these by default in the Plone Control Panel.



Creating some more standard transcoding profiles for Transcode Star, including low-bitrate h.264, iphone, 3gp

This happens in the Transcode Star buildout.cfg as well as creating some new scripts which this refers to.

Am currently testing lo-bitrate ffmpeg commands, including using -vpre default and qscale 9.0

CAN USE HANDBRAKE, FFMPEG OR MENCODER. possibly look at using the best for the job? 


Then offer these in the transcode.star config interface 


Useful pages:

  •  http://sites.google.com/site/linuxencoding/x264-ffmpeg-mapping
  • http://www.matisse.net/bitcalc/?input_amount=171&input_units=kilobytes&notation=legacy 
  • http://juliensimon.blogspot.com/2009/01/howto-ffmpeg-x264-presets.html
  • http://www.kilobitspersecond.com/2007/05/24/ffmpeg-quality-comparison/