• Video Feature Set

last modified October 31, 2010 by anna

Proposed Feature Set for Plone and Video

These are the basic video functionalities we think Plone should be able to provide. Please feel free to add to this page.

There are links to various packages which offer these features, which can be combined to give the functionality you need using Plone. Please add your package or project if it is not here already.



Working sufficiently

Needs work­



Working sufficiently 

Needs work
  • video collections template - for displaying videos with thumbnails
  • video analytics - play/download count- plone component to integrate - using piwik perhaps?
  • metadata storage and display
  • bittorrent/p2p integration
  • integration with social networking services 
  • administrators video content management interface
  • dashboard - users own content admin system
  • mobile viewing


Working sufficiently

  • video mime type support
  • bulk upload- Plumi FTP
Needs work

Target Users

  • people running video sharing or media sites
  • brochure sites wanting moderate video support 
  • a company intranet wanting to enable rich media as a way to keep staff updated 
  • university department that has a significant number of lectures, educational materials etc. to distribute to staff/students