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Dec 3rd, 2009 – Using Plone and Quark for Plone2Print with XML

Quoting some "tweets" on using Plone and Quark for Plone2Print with XML published on 3rd / 4th Dec. 2009 by Ken Wasetis http://twitter.com/ctxlken/ on Twitter:

  • Just had great conversation regarding how easy it is to get structured XML content into/out of #Plone and edit/save in Quark.
  • Simply using ExternalEditor for Plone, Saving in Quark saves to #Plone CMS, with workflow & version control goodness
  • The #Plone content_type_registry, along with XML marshaller allow to import/export en masse XML with metadata kept in tact
  • Not just Quark. Use ExternalEditor w/#Plone to map any file ext so that app saves to CMS directly. Then WF, version, secure, etc.
  • We also use regular ZPTs to output XML for #GoogleMini import

Please add more if you know something!


World Plone Conference 2009, October 26 - November 1

To bring some fresh wind into the topic, we met on the OpenSpace of the World Plone Conference 2009.

acsr joined the OpenSpace opened by blacktar and added in parallel a track focusing the "Brand Management Tools" .


Budapest Topics for Sprinting

  • Fine CSS for printing from Plone. Plone out of the box has very poor PrintCSS not matching the style of the page design. Lets improve this for Plone4.1 up as addon products (and if the release management has a way, maybe for the release).
  • Implementation of Plone based "Brand Management Tools" (A Framework for managing logo and trademark assets for the multiple medias and different targets with application samples, do's and don'ts). This is a useful media fountain supplement for Plone2Print applications. The substructures for this is based on repetitives attributes and conversion schemas for colour-spaces and multiple digital export formats, derived from a small amount of masterdata. 

    Who is doing what?


    Goal of the Project

    • Joining development results of publicly available solutions (free software preferred) for printed output.
    • Content hosted or generated via Plone / Zope workflows or contents.
    • Supporting collaboration and exchange.

    General Topics

    • fine CSS for Printing
    • Generating PDF on the fly
    • Generating LateX for Printed Reports
    • Using FO or other XML / XSLT post-processors with web content
    • Automated typesetting for simple Magazines
    • Automated typesetting for catalogues from shop-systems
    • Preview in Browser
    • Web2Print solutions
    • ECMS editor frontends for professional typesetting scenarios
    • Integration into Brand Management Tools


    Newly Added topics

    (from the 30. Oct. 2009 OpenSpace Meeting, Plone Conference Budapest)

    Feel free to edit the topics (we have a history!)

    • Text Pre- and Postprocessing Toolbox
      • remove bad typesetting
      • add professional markup)
    • Using the Deco tile approach for creating layout blocks for compositioning on PDF pages
    • Comparing the commercial and free engines or solutions for processing content (usually HTML or Word/OpenOffice Documents) to PDF
      • Prince PDF
      • pdflib
      • Printerdrivers
      • Jaws
      • ... to be continued
    • Collecting subtopics or crossover / nearby technologies (i.e. eBooks)
    • Defining the use-cases for the different tool/workflow combinations
      • HighEnd typography (hyphenation, kerning)
      • Multi column layout
      • Scientific formula typesetting
      • HighEnd imagedata (highres, cmyk colorspace, color management)
      • Correction workflows
      • approval workflows
      • Simple single column flowtext layouts (with or without graphics)
      • ... to be continued

      How to contribute

      • Look for some Tasks (getting things done)
      • Join the Initial Mailinglist (jumpstart)
      • Collect valueful links to useful ressources and related projects in the web

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