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last modified October 15, 2007 by nateaune

The Plone4Artists Naples sprint is taking place now! Join us in #plone4artists IRC channel.


The goals for the Naples sprint are:

  • Tests - Full test coverage and more functional tests
  • Releases - 1.0 final versions and eggs on cheeseshop
  • Internationalization - Make p4a work in more than one language
  • Plone 3.0 support - Upgrade p4a to work with the latest version of Plone.
  • Community features - Add ratings, tagging and commenting to the bundle.
  • Large files - Find a good solution for handling storage of large files.
  • Uploading - improve the uploading story with Tramline, Flash, z3c.extfile
  • Transcoding - convert the video file to Flash FLV after it's uploaded.
  • Calendaring - recurring events and dateable views
  • Syndication - integrate Vice with p4a under Plone 3.0
  • Documentation - Make screencasts and doctests

See the topics page for a full list of things we want to work on.


In order to make most of the sprint you should build a development version of Plone4Artists on your laptop before the sprint. There is a buildout that will take care of this.

$ svn co http://plone4artists.org/svn/projects/p4a.buildout/trunk p4a.buildout
$ cd p4a.buildout
$ python2.4 bootstrap.py
$ ./bin/buildout -v

See the Getting Started with Plone4Artists buildout guide for more instructions. If you need any assistance join our mailing list or come to chat on #plone4artists at freenode.net


If you would like to participate, please sign up on the Naples sprint participants list and then add your name to the p4a / multimedia team participants list.