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last modified October 13, 2012 by massimo

Welcome to the coactivate page for the Ploneconf 2012 sprint. From here we will coordinate the sprint and topics.


plone.app.iterate  - Apply Proper Permissions

Currently, iterate defines fine-grained 'CheckoutPermission' and 'CheckinPermission' permissions, but they are not checked anywhere, thus assigning roles in your custom workflow using those permissions has no effect.  Instead, ModifyPortalContent is the permission being checked for checkin/out.  

Since 'fixing the glitch' could have unintended consequences for those using the current workflows/permissions based on ModifyPortalContent (could prevent/allow checkin/out access to those who didn't have same permission before), this will likely need to be implemented as a fix by default only for newly created Plone sites, and as an optional upgrade step via Generic Setup (portal_setup) for those who decide to add the checkout/checkin permissions to their workflows, where the permissions can be explicitly assigned to roles.  Default (if applying upgrade step) should be to assign to same roles that had ModifyPortalContent, so that same permissions are in effect still, even though the permissions can now be managed separately.  At least, that's the current plan; what do you think?


  • Ken Wasetis



  • - LinguaPlone Migration
  • - UI rough edges
  • - Is it possible to manage translations on deco ?
  • - ACT 


  • - Ramon Navarro Bosch
  • - Victor Fernandez de Alba 


Deco / Toolbar

  • - Properties button (showing original Edit form)
  • - Field tile ()
  • - Standard tiles (login tile, footer tile, horizontal navigation, search tile) some stuff was already found in the past
  • - Indexing for Tiles used with Deco 


  • - Bogdan Girman


Martin Aspeli

  • Template overrides packaged with themes
  • New, template-only views packaged with themes

UI Sprint

Click dummies

  • - Toolbar
    •     - best ways to separate global from context actions
  • - Unified editing experience
    •     - How can we mix deco with editing regular plone content
  • - Toolbar placement?
    •     - should we try and get evidence that putting the toolbar up top is best?
    •     - Keeping toolbar on top might be an implementation requirement...
  • Toolbar styles
    • Do not use default black toolbar theme 

UI Guidelines

Start writing a UI guidelines document. Use UCLA doc as a base.

Make sure to include guidelines on overlays.

Reference Browser Widget Unification

Use one awesome reference browser widget for all content selection.

  • Start with archetypes.referencebrowserwidget and make that better after we have it all integrated
  • Use it for plone.app.collection too.
  • What about plone.formwidget.contenttree?

Content Rules Mockup integration

Integrate content rules mockup. https://dev.plone.org/ticket/13152

I can give access to the original balsamiq mockup if anyone wants to modify. Otherwise, it's a pretty decent base.


  • Nathan Van Gheem
  • Cris Ewing
  • Timo Stollenwerk
  • Alex Limi?
  • Thomas Desvenain (see also my post on http://plone.293351.n2.nabble.com/Mockups-for-content-rules-td7558566.html)

Windows Installer

Work on completing the Microsoft Web Platform based installer.



  • - Ross Patterson

Testing / CI Sprint

COORDINATION AT http://piratepad.net/i7rBq7C4p8 

  • Acceptance tests documentation (Robot Framework, Selenium2Library, plone.act)
  • plone.act keywords (discussion, BDD vs. free style)
  • Robot framework tests for plone core functionality (overlays, portlets, folisting, etc.)
  • Tests for templer templates/local commands (basic, dexterity, behavior, tile, theme?, policy?)
  • jenkins.plone.org (include github commit messages, vm setup)
  • buster JS testing UI improvements with a focus of browser debugging
  • ROBOT: Testable documentation (Asko?) 
  • JENKINS: Get git commit messages into the coredev test builds
  • JENKINS: Check out github commit status API to automatically test pull requests
  • JENKINS: Generate Jenkins XML configuration files
  • JENKINS: Fix node.js installation on jenkins.plone.org
  • JENKINS: Create fabric scripts for servers 


  • Timo Stollenwerk
  • Martijn Faassen
  • (remote) Ed Manlove irc:t55e
  • Asko Soukka
  • Jonas Baumann 
  • Anatoly Bubenkov (bubenkoff@gmail.com)
  • Michael Krishtopa (theo at heddex dot biz)
  • Godefroid Chapelle


  1. Try to integrate souper http://pypi.python.org/pypi/souper as the new Plomino persitence layer.
  2. Make sure forms behave consistently in subforms and overlays (hide-whens, javascript enabled fields) [silvio]
  3. Plomino offline mechanism (using HTML5 localstorage)
  4. More test coverage (especially javascript) [silvio]
  5. Produce plomino API doc from the source (based on comments)
  6. Maximizing reuse of fields/forms. Use case studies [silvio]


  • Eric Bréhault
  • Jean Jordaan
  • Silvio Tomatis
  • Fulvio Casali


Finishing up ~5 not yet implemented methods, increasing test coverage, translations of documentation. Getting beta release out!


  • - Nejc Zupan
  • - Andi Zeidler
  • - Ruda Porto Filgueiras
  • - Fabiano Weimar dos Santos
  • - Adam Cheasley


Modernizing Plone Developer Agreements

Finishing up a product for plone.org so that contributor agreements can be collected on plone.org. This is a perfect sprint for new sprinters or people who can write content and care about improving the process.


  •  - Elizabeth Leddy
  • Eric Steele

Open Graph and Facebook integration in Plone

We would like to publish pluggable package that allows to customize open graph metadata as well as handle facebook authentication. We have a working code from one of our recent project - it just need to be cleaned-up, tested and published.


  •  - Andrew Mleczko
  •  - Massimo Azzolini





Goodbye .cpy!

Work on modernizing the remaining cpy/vpy files in portal skins. Migrate anything there to browser views. Main goal is login/logout, which is more complex than it seems (will be pushed with a release, not as a bug fix)

  •  - Elizabeth Leddy
  •  - Encolpe Degoute
  •  - Lukas Graf
  •  - Andi Zeidler
  • - Gil Forcada

Dropbox Integration

Seemlessly synchronise content between Dropbox and Plone.


  • - Ben Ackland
  • - Mike Rhodes

Developer Approachability

Define and eliminate pain points for new developers. Improve the integration of templer (née ZopeSkel), our standard buildouts, installers and plone.api. See Inez Becomes a Plone Developer.


  • - Steve McMahon
  • - Domen Kožar 
  • - Kim Chee Leong

Stanbol Integration

There's an existing component for stanbol integration in Plone  that needs some works to be better integrate in TinyMCE. Now it's an external viewlet with all the jquery functions and we want to build a TinyMCE plugin for it.

  • http://pypi.python.org/pypi/stanbol.plone
  • http://pypi.python.org/pypi/stanbol.client


  • - Encolpe DEGOUTE

XMPP-based real-time functionality in Plone

Anyone who would like support in setting up a Plone site with XMPP functionality (chat and collaborative editing).

Here are also some topics to sprint on:

  • * Enable collaborative editing via the ACE editor (e.g Diazo theme editor)
  • * Enable collaborative editing for plone.app.multilingual for multilingual translations.
  • * Tests for collective.xmpp.collaborate and collective.xmpp.chat
  • * Javascript tests


  • - JC Brand
  • - Timon Tschanz


"Zopeskel bottom up"


walk away from the sprint with a working, 100% coverage basic implementation of a tool that parses a config file and applies it to a file system directory ('skeleton').

have a name and a plan/roadmap to move forward, aka what features we want...



  • Tom Lazar
  • Chris Ewing
  • Peter Holzer
  • Maik Röder



Image Transforms - resurrected


get extensible image cropping/transform functions while staying close to existing plone.app.imaging/plone.scale

  •   - UI to choose cropped part of image on
    •     - existing image scales
    •     - image relations on other content types (eg. for referenced images from an image pool)
    •     - images in tinymce
  •   - add chains for filters (grayscale, blurred, etc)

There actually exists a closed PLIP (https://dev.plone.org/ticket/10174)  so what eleddy mentioned at the bottom is exactly what we're trying to do:

  • gather information bout existing branches/addons about that
  • pull it together to an addon



  • Peter Mathis (petschki)
  • Joscha Krutzki (joka)
  • Harald Frießnegger (fRiSi)
  • Martijn Zweistra (themask96)


Bug fix for Japanese Language

We have two topics for Plone bugs. We want to fix in this sprint. Please help us.  

Diazo & TinyMCE

plone.app.theming - TinyMCE HTML mode problem  https://dev.plone.org/ticket/13248  

 Already fixed on Github. 

Chrome and Safari search box

Google Chrome and Safari search compatibility problem  https://dev.plone.org/ticket/13249

 Fixed & sent pull request. https://github.com/plone/plone.app.search/pull/4 


  •  Manabu TERADA 


Making Plone faster

Profiling Plone using services like New Relic (http://newrelic.com/) and point out the parts that can be improved.


  • Douwe van der Meij
  • Jan Branbergen


Dexterity Behaviour: Star rating 

1-5 (or more) star (or mushrooms or whatever) ratings, taking inspiration from previous rating products, particularly

I've not made a dexterity behaviour or a sprint before, so any input would be gratefully received.  If there are no other takers - I'll get involved elsewhere.


Daniel Jowett


Patterns Library


Patterns is to KSS, like GIT is to SVN.

placement: UI village of the sprint, please


  • learn how to use the library
  • write your own patterns
  • clean the code
  • write documentation
  • write tests


  • Cornelis G. A. Kolbach
  • Florian Friesdorf
  • Rok Garbas (patternslib for plone.app.toolbar?)
  • Godefroid Chapelle (prevent errors made in KSS to happen again)


EEA Widgets




  • Fix tickets filled on github (see links above)
  • i18nize JavaScript messages (https://github.com/ggozad/jarn.jsi18n)
  • New ideas... (if you're not here or you're shy just fill a ticket on github and we'll take care ;) )



  • Alin Voinea (irc: avoinea, @alinvoinea)
  • Alec Ghica (irc: alecghica, @alecghica)
  • David Batranu (irc: davidbatranu, @davidescu)
  • David Ichim
  • Zoltan Szabo
  • whoever is willing to :)