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Welcome to Plone Integrators..

This is a project in progress and will change over time as we discover what we need to do.. and how to do it. The focus is helping to improve the overall "user" story for both the casual user of Plone (they click to download to their desktop) as well as organizations who adopt Plone and find themselves a bit lost in all the features that Plone offers!

To Start...

Tell us about you (where you are located.. what your company does.. and the challenges you have faced with clients who adopted Plone and how you resolved the challenges)

Please join the mailing list to share your experiences..

I'll start

Donna M. Snow, Principal, C Squared Enterprises .. Integrator since 2002 (prior to that Zope and Silva)

We provide hosting, Plone consulting, Plone themes and products (we also write applications in various languages... Flex, Ruby.. etc)

Our biggest issue.. changes to ttw customization and changes to theming on the filesystem and some role/workflow issues causing migration issues (aka.. GRUF to PAS) - none of these insurmountable.. also still no solid ecommerce (GetPaid is getting there.. but still no "subscription" based or heartier ecommerce application) We usually wind up with new clients on old versions of Plone.. who want to upgrade to newest version but have tons of customizations ttw (ouch).. so making ttw.. a closer tie into filesystem without corruption would be awesome..

Héctor Velarde, Chief of Internet & Development, La Jornada, México

We use Plone in our breaking news site and in some other small micros sites; no Plone-3.0 deployments yet; we are willing to learn from other's people experience as we have a very limited staff.

Jason Smith, Consultant (have developed on Zope back in 2002, recently started working with plone 2.5)

 As a consultant I had directed a few clients to Zope/Plone recently after feeling the product had matured.  Most respondend that it was usuable basically out of the box.  So with release of Plone 3 I decided to take it on as a seriors contender.  And of course the first thing hurdle I hit  was the theme.  Those runing 2.5 had no clue that their customization and standard way of doing things would change so much, and neither did I.  For new clients that I had pitched the idea to, suddenly found no support for customizing plone 3 available. 

 So while Plone 3 might be a good move, from a outsiders perspective it might be the step back that many projects need to make to move forward, but the timing is a bit late and a big turn off for new clients. 

 Darryl Dixon, Director - Winterhouse Consulting Ltd (Python since 1997, Plone since 0.something)

Plone provides a fabulous platform to avoid 'reinventing the wheel' for many common Web Portal needs - security, workflow, rich editing, etc. The change to Plone 3 has been a large one, and in a market where time-to-delivery is everything, and margins (both free time and profit!) slim, the learning curve to begin being productive with Plone 3 is a significant barrier for adoption for us.

I'm happy to believe with all my heart that once the core concepts have been mastered that deep customisation of Plone 3 becomes easier than in Plone 2.5, but for now the level of initial knowledge required is too large to offset the benefit. New projects that involve very little customisation are going Plone 3 for us, but for anything that is beyond the level of UI change, we are sticking with Plone 2.5 for the medium term at least - this gives us the benefit of certain Zope3 concepts (events, etc), but the familiarity and fast development time of TTW customisation and rework.